Kristin Henry-Dallager

Kristin is the Editor at Freeze It. She's originally from the United States but has spent several years living abroad. She's a massive fan of making cooking easy and accessible...especially frozen meals ready to go.
Experienced Globally-minded Culinary-enthusiast
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Discover Frozen Culinary Delights

Join Kristin on a frozen culinary journey as she shares easy and delightful recipes for frozen meals. Explore the art of freezing food to make cooking a breeze.

Explore Frozen Delights

Master the Art of Freezing

Dive into Kristin’s expert tips and tricks on freezing food like a pro. Learn the secrets to preserving freshness, maximizing flavors, and creating a freezer-friendly kitchen.

Freezing Tips and Tricks

Embrace the magic of freezing! Transform ordinary ingredients into extraordinary meals, ready to delight your taste buds at a moment’s notice. Let’s make cooking an effortless and joyous journey together.

- Kristin Henry-Dallager