Freeze It was launched at the end of 2019 to provide cooks across the world with a simple resource to check whenever they want to freeze an ingredient or dish. Whether you’re unsure about freezing cabbages or want to know if it’s safe to freeze samphire, we’ve got it answered for you.

Food waste is a major, growing problem around the world. Using a freezer to prolong the shelf life of food is a great way to combat food waste while making life mid-week easier for the entire family with ready-to-go freezer meals.

Freeze It is a continually expanding database of food items and recipes. We now cover over 1,100 different ingredients and dishes. Each article outlines how to freeze an item, how to defrost it, how long it can be frozen, whether it can be refrozen, and whether it actually freezes well or not.

We’re lucky enough to have been featured across a range of websites and media publications including:

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We are also proud supporters of the Slow Food movement and are highly rated by our subscribers on TrustPilot.

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If you’re new to Freeze It, then the best place to start is the homepage, where you can search for any ingredient or dish. You know what it is that you want to freeze so this is the best approach to take. You can be as vague or precise as you want, and the search results will be as close to your query as possible.

We are an ever-expanding database of foods, so there will be times when your search may return no results. Please bear with us as we continue to grow. We continue to add 15-20 new food items each month.

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Below you can discover the people who make up the team at Freeze It:

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