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Can You Freeze Apple Fritters?

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By Olivia Sheppard

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Apple fritters are amongst the most popular fried snacks as they are not only super easy to make but absolutely delicious. For a treat this good, surely you’re going to want to see if you can save as many as you can?

Can You Freeze Apple Fritters?

Yes, you can freeze apple fritters for up to 2 months. You should allow them to cool before wrapping them in clingfilm, bagging them up and then freezing.

Do Apple Fritters Freeze Well? Yes

Can You Refreeze Apple Fritters? No

How to Freeze Apple Fritters

Freezing apple fritters is extremely simple, which is exactly what you want from a dessert. Some people think that freezing fried food can cause them to become chewy because of the oil absorbed by the dough.

But by following the instructions below you can ensure you get perfectly frozen apple fritters that you can thaw and reheat at a later date, with no compromising on quality:

  1. Cool
    If you have cooked your apple fritters fresh, you’re going to need to let them cool to room temperature before you freeze them. 
  2. Wrap Individually
    Whilst the thought of defrosting all of your apple fritters to eat at once is a nice one, it makes a lot more sense to wrap them individually and defrost as and when you need them. Wrap each apple fritter in clingfilm.
  3. Bag Up
    Once you’ve wrapped each apple fritter, place them into a good-quality freezer bag and seal it up, removing as much air as possible.
  4. Label and Freeze
    It’s important to label all food that is frozen to ensure that you don’t surpass its use by date. Then place the bag(s) of fritters into the freezer.

3 Tips for Freezing Apple Fritters

Now you know how to freeze them, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing apple fritters to have the best results:

Dab with a Paper Towel
Any fried food can become overly oily if you don’t let them rest, and this can pose an issue when it comes to freezing. The best way to drain excess oil from your fritters, and therefore make them more freezer-friendly, is to place them on a paper towel once cooked and pat dry. 

Freeze in Individual Portions
If you’re not confident you will use your leftover, frozen apple fritters all in one go, either wrap them up individually or place them into individual ziplock bags. You can then defrost them on demand rather than having to separate them from a big bundle. 

Add Sugar After Reheating
Once you have reheated your apple fritters, they’ll no longer have that sugary coating or iced glaze so make sure you mix up some caster sugar with cinnamon and sprinkle it all over your reheated fritters.

How Long Can You Freeze Apple Fritters?

Apple fritters will last in the freezer for up to 2 months if stored correctly.

This is considerably longer than they would keep in the fridge, but because they are a dough-based product (and unbelievably delicious!), it is recommended to eat them sooner rather than later. 

You Can Freeze Apple Fritters for up to 2 Months

How Do You Defrost Apple Fritters?

The best way to thaw frozen apple fritters is to remove them from the freezer, unwrap them and place them into the fridge. It is best to leave them overnight to ensure they thaw all the way through.

If they have not thawed all the way through by the time you want to eat them, you could leave them out on the counter for up to an hour to speed up that process. 

To reheat, and to ensure you get a nice crisp apple fritter, you can either use a toaster oven or a conventional oven. Place the thawed fritters on a baking tray and reheat them at 375F/190C for 5 minutes.

You could always make up some glaze or icing and drizzle over to complete the dish!

Can You Refreeze Apple Fritters?

No, it is not advisable to refreeze the fritters.

The dough would potentially become tough and chewy if it is constantly exposed to temperature changes, so this is why freezing in individual bags or wrapping individual fritters can help prevent the need to refreeze. 

Do Apple Fritters Freeze Well?

Yes, apple fritters really do freeze well!

As it is a dough or batter based product, the actual fritter will hold its shape and, when wrapped properly, will also retain its flavour.

They make a great dessert to make in bulk either ahead of time to save on time, or as something you can store for longer should you have any leftovers. 

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