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Can You Freeze Baileys Cheesecake?


By Lewis Brindley

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Recently, Baileys cheesecake has become increasingly popular, with people adoring it and craving it for various events. If you’ve got an event coming up, you might consider making one in advance. But, how should you then store it?

Can You Freeze Baileys Cheesecake?

Yes, you can freeze Baileys Cheesecake for up to 1 month. Place the entire cheesecake into a large, freezer-safe container and transport that into your freezer.

Does Baileys Cheesecake Freeze Well? Yes

Can You Refreeze Baileys Cheesecake? Yes

How to Freeze Baileys Cheesecake

Before freezing your Baileys cheesecake, it’s a good idea to get it onto a plate you can move around easily. This will make freezing it so much easier. Once sorted, you can get to freezing it:

  1. Transfer to a Container: You can transfer the entire thing into a large, rigid plastic container. Ideally, use a large, Tupperware-style container designed to fit an entire sponge cake inside.
  2. Seal: Seal the container tight. If the box isn’t that good, you can also wrap it in a sheet or two of cling film to ensure it has a tight seal.
  3. Label: Once the container is sealed, label it with the correct date. As cheesecake contains dairy, it’s important to know that you’re eating it while it’s still safe to consume.
  4. Freeze: Transfer the whole container to the freezer, where the cheesecake will freeze quite quickly, allowing you to get on with preparing other items for your upcoming event. Once it’s totally frozen, the cheesecake will remain safe to eat for around a month.

3 Tips for Freezing Baileys Cheesecake

Now you know how to freeze it, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing Baileys cheesecake to have the best results:

Expect Oxidization
The process of oxidization is what makes biscuits, cakes, and bread go from their natural texture to one that it’s entirely unwanted. In this situation, because there will be so little air in the container with the cheesecake itself, you don’t need to be concerned – the food will succumb to freezer burn before it becomes oxidized. 

Be Wary of Freezer Smells
Aromas in the freezer can be something quite stressful and frustrating, especially when you’re dealing with dairy. Because of the combined water and fat content of milk, it’s pretty easy for a wide range of aromatic compounds to dissolve into dairy food.

Add Cocoa Powder After Thawing
Cocoa powder is a very dry ingredient, and your freezer is a very wet environment. To be sure that the cocoa powder maintains that picture-perfect look, we recommend not adding it before the cheesecake goes into the freezer. That would lead to the cocoa powder congealing.

Cocoa Powder

How Long Can You Freeze Baileys Cheesecake?

You can freeze Baileys cheesecake for around a month before it becomes a little too unsafe to eat.

The leading cause of this unsafeness is the fact that there’s dairy in the recipe. Dairy is something that can cause a lot of food hygiene problems, and this situation is no exception.

How Long Does Baileys Cheesecake Last in the Fridge?

A homemade Baileys cheesecake will keep for around 3 days in the fridge when stored in a covered Tupperware container.

How Do You Defrost Baileys Cheesecake?

The easiest way to defrost Baileys cheesecake is to leave it on the countertop for around two hours. Ensure that it’s uncovered, beforehand, otherwise, you’ll simply end up with a humid cheesecake.

To help the cheesecake thaw more quickly, consider cutting it into slices before allowing it to thaw – a greater surface area will allow for more rapid thawing.

Can You Refreeze Baileys Cheesecake?

Yes, you can refreeze Baileys cheesecake. As long as you follow the steps outlined in this article, you should be able to avoid coming into contact with any level of freezer burn or degradation of ingredients over time.

Does Baileys Cheesecake Freeze Well?

Yes, Baileys cheesecake does freeze well.

One of the main reasons for this is that there are so few air pockets within the cheesecake portion of the dessert. This means you can ensure there is no condensation, followed by freezer burn, as the cheesecake is devoid of the air required to make that happen.

If you’ve still got questions about freezing Baileys cheesecake or cheesecake in general, then these may help:

Why Shouldn’t You Freeze Baileys Cheesecake?

You will find that the texture does change a little when it is frozen. It can lose the smooth finish it once had.

Can You Freeze Baileys Cheesecake in a Glass?

No, this is not a good idea. The cheesecake might expand a little during the freezing process, which can lead to glass shattering. The last thing you want is glass in your freezer!

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