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Can You Freeze Beyond Burger?

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The beyond burger is a great option for plant-based eaters. Not only is it wonderfully tasty and nearly impossible to say no to, but it’s also richly flavoured. To get the most out of any Beyond Burgers you buy, you might want to freeze them. But is that possible?

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Can You Freeze Beyond Burgers?

Yes, you can freeze Beyond Burgers for up to 6 months but only in certain circumstances. The pre-frozen Beyond Burgers can be kept in the freezer, entirely frozen. However, refrigerated patties should be kept in the fridge and used within date, not frozen.

How to Freeze Beyond Burgers

The first step to freezing a Beyond Burger is simple: purchase a frozen Beyond Burger!

Then, keep it in your freezer for up to six months, at which point it will likely have succumbed to freezer burn a little too much to be wonderfully tasty.

The company doesn’t want you to freeze their burgers that are kept at refrigerator temperature because contaminants can get onto food stored at that temperature.

If a Beyond Burger is contaminated in your fridge before being frozen, that bacteria could make you sick in future, leading you to complain about Beyond Burger – not something the company wants!

Therefore, to be as safe as possible, only freeze pre-frozen Beyond Burgers, which are typically flash frozen at an exceptionally low temperature, to ensure that they’re safe to eat.

Freezer-Friendly Vegan Recipes

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How Long Can You Freeze Beyond Burgers?

You can freeze pre-frozen Beyond Burgers for a few weeks after the date on the side of the packaging. This might seem a little vague, and that’s because it is.

In this instance, we aren’t concerned with freezer burn or making sure that a bread-based item is of the best quality possible. Instead, we’re concerned with preventing bacterial growth, which is a vague thing at the best of times.

Essentially, it boils down to this: if the Beyond Burger isn’t coated in ice and is still relatively close to its best before date, it’s likely perfectly safe to eat.

Make sure that it’s steaming hot all the way through before eating, and you’ll surely be good to go!

How Do You Defrost Beyond Burgers?

The best way to defrost frozen Beyond Burgers is to cook them in accordance with the packet directions – in the oven!

This might sound a little surprising, but cooking Beyond Burgers from frozen in the oven is a great way to ensure they’re hot all the way through while also being a little crispy on the outside.

This is likely the best way to enjoy a great Beyond Burger since it will be tasty and well-textured with little effort at all.

Can You Refreeze Beyond Burgers?

No, it’s not recommended that you refreeze Beyond Burger. The main reason is that these protein sources can be damaged quite intensely by being too close to water and frost.

If a Beyond Burger is refrozen multiple times over, it can be damaged in such a way that the actual texture of the ‘meat’ is ruined, leading to a poor meal experience.

Furthermore, it’s not even recommended to freeze the beyond meat burgers purchased in a supermarket’s fridge section.

The reason for this is unclear, in that the company hasn’t released a statement. Despite this, we would imagine it’s due to the unpredictable state of people’s fridges.

If someone purchases a Beyond Burger from the fridge in a supermarket before taking it home and only using one of a two-pack, the other burger could be contaminated. This could lead to sickness, which Beyond Meat wants to avoid.

Why Can’t You Refreeze Beyond Meat?

There are two reasons why you can’t refreeze Beyond Meat. The taste will degrade if you freeze, thaw and refreeze it. But, more worryingly, bacteria can form if you refreeze it incorrectly.

Do Beyond Burgers Freeze Well?

The pre-frozen Beyond Burger freezes exceptionally well.

It’s hard to say why this is, but it’s likely because the burger itself has been flash frozen, so there has been no time for condensation to form, thereby disallowing freezer burn to damage the protein structure of the burger itself.


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