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Can You Freeze Chaffles?

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By Ross Young

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Chaffles are an awesome alternative to high carb waffles made out of potato or flour. Chaffles are made from eggs and other ingredients like cheese instead and work perfectly if you are following a keto diet or simply want something a little different as a meal or snack.

With the main ingredients being egg and cheese you might wonder, can you freeze chaffles?

Yes, you can freeze chaffles for around 1 week only. Despite being made of dairy, chaffles actually freeze fairly well. Great news if you want to batch cook up a bunch at the weekend to see you through the whole week.

Do Chaffles Freeze Well? Yes

Can You Refreeze Chaffles? No

How To Freeze Chaffles

Freezing chaffles is fairly easy but there is a little prep involved and you need to double freeze them for best results. Let’s take a look at how.

  1. Cook
    Cook up your batch of chaffles. Make sure you make about the right amount to last you a week as these don’t freeze well for a super long time. Allow the chaffles to cool completely before moving on to step two.
  2. Prepare
    Once the chaffles are cool you need a baking tray and some parchment paper. Layer the chaffles up onto the baking tray with a layer of parchment between them.
  3. Flash Freeze
    Then pop this into the freezer and let the chaffles feeze through completely.
  4. Transfer to Bags
    When they have frozen you can take the chaffles out of the freezer and transfer them into a freezer bag.
  5. Seal
    Seal the bag tightly to protect the chaffles from the air in the freezer. This helps them to stop becoming freezer burnt.
  6. Label
    Label with the date and name and pop the bag back into the freezer until you need one. You can just grab one out of the freezer whenever you need one or two and then reseal the bag.

3 Tips for Freezing Chaffles

Now you know how to freeze them, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing chaffles to have the best results:

Try Separating With Greaseproof
If you haven’t got time (or the energy) to flash freeze chaffles then you can try and bag them up with a piece of greaseproof paper between each chaffle. This can prevent them from sticking to one another. 

Label Them
If you’ve got both waffles and chaffles in your freezer then you’ll find it impossible to tell the difference without writing a clear label. 

If a chaffle has dried out a little in the freezer then pop it under the grill for a couple of minutes to bring back that crispy texture. 

How Long Can You Freeze Chaffles?

The ingredients in a chaffle don’t traditionally freeze very well which is why we wouldn’t recommend that you freeze your fresh chaffles for more than a week. You may find that after this time the quality and taste will start to degrade.

This makes these snacks perfect for batch cooking at the weekend to provide lunches and snacks throughout the week.

You Can Freeze Chaffles for Only 1 Week

How Do You Defrost Chaffles?

You have a couple of options when it comes to defrosting chaffles. You can either pop them in the fridge the night before you need them so that they will be ready for you in the morning.

Or, if you need the chaffles a little quicker then you can pop them into the microwave on a defrost setting until they are thawed out.

You may find that the chaffles texture has changed once they are thawed out but if you pop them under the grill for a couple of minutes they should crisp back up again.

Can You Refreeze Chaffles?

No, chaffles don’t keep well in the freezer for more than a week and once you have thawed them out you shouldn’t attempt to refreeze them. The texture is likely to become too changed and if you are unlucky, they will end up inedible!

It’s best to use up thawed out chaffles or if you don’t have the time to before they start to spoil then you should throw them out instead.

Do Chaffles Freeze Well?

Chaffles freeze well enough to be enjoyable but they are unlikely to be the same as they were when they were made freshly. You should expect to find the texture a little different and they will have lost some of their delicious crispiness.

A quick toast under the grill should crisp them back up again and help to reheat them so you can still enjoy your chaffles.

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