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Can You Freeze Chestnut Puree?


By Olivia Sheppard

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Chestnut puree is made from chestnuts that have been roasted and then mashed into a smooth paste. While you can do this at home, it can be a time-consuming process. You could end up with some leftover puree that you’re not really sure what to do with.

Can You Freeze Chestnut Puree?

Yes, you can freeze chestnut puree for up to 3 months. Once you’ve made your puree, portion into freezer-safe containers, label clearly then freeze.

Does Chestnut Puree Freeze Well? Yes

Can You Refreeze Chestnut Puree? No

How to Freeze Chestnut Puree

Thankfully, freezing chestnut puree is just as easy as making it.

It is a great item to keep in the freezer as once you have made a batch, it may be a while before you need it again and, rather than make a fresh batch each time, you can keep some to hand and reuse one you made earlier, Blue Peter style!

  1. Make your puree
    By following your recipe, make the chestnut puree. Use what you need to in your current recipe. 
  2. Scoop or pipe into a container
    Simply scoop or pipe the leftover chestnut puree into a freezer safe container and seal. 
  3. Add a label
    It is always handy to label and date your food products so you know when it should be eaten by. 
  4. Freeze
    Then simply slide the container into the freezer and freeze for up to 3 months. 

If you are trying to freeze store-bought chestnut puree, you could even freeze it in the bag or jar that it came in. Be sure to check the packaging to see if this can be done and save you even more time!

3 Tips for Freezing Chestnut Puree

Now you know how to freeze it, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing chestnut puree to have the best results:

Add Sugar
Before freezing the puree, try mixing in a little bit of sugar as this will help preserve the puree better during its time in the freezer. Do not add too much as chestnut puree is naturally quite sweet.  

Use an Ice Cube Tray
If you are wanting to freeze small amounts of chestnut puree for individual use, such as in sauces or desserts, freeze the puree in an ice cube tray. This way you’ll have perfectly portioned amounts without needing to defrost a big slab. 

Don’t Burn the Chestnuts!
If you are making your own puree, be careful not to burn the chestnuts. They are a delicate ingredient and if burnt, can either dry out completely or take on a bitter taste which would ruin your puree.

It is best to keep checking on them during the roasting process to ensure a smooth, sweet puree. 

How Long Can You Freeze Chestnut Puree?

You should be able to freeze chestnut puree for up to 3 months, though when frozen well and correctly, you should be able to eat it past this time frame as well.

This is much longer than opened chestnut puree will last in the fridge, as that would only last 2-3 weeks and given it is not a frequently used ingredient, freezing may be your best bet to prevent food waste!

You Can Freeze Chestnut Puree for up to 3 Months

How Do You Defrost Chestnut Puree?

Chestnut puree can be defrosted in the fridge and should only take a few hours to thaw, although it is recommended to put the container of frozen puree in the fridge the night before just to ensure it thaws all the way through. 

If using a small frozen cube of chestnut puree, this can be added to a sauce or soup straight from frozen and the heat will thaw and reheat it.

Can You Refreeze Chestnut Puree?

It is not recommended that you refreeze chestnut puree as this may affect the texture of the puree and make it go grainy.

One of the lovely things about a good puree is how silken smooth it is, so to avoid thawing and refreezing, try freezing in smaller batches. 

Does Chestnut Puree Freeze Well?

Yes, chestnut puree will freeze well and set nice and firm, allowing for easy thawing or extraction when it comes to using it. 

If you’ve still got questions about freezing chestnut puree or chestnuts in general, then these may help:

How Long Can You Keep Chestnut Puree in the Fridge?

If it has been stored in an airtight container or covered with clingfilm then chestnut puree should be fine in the fridge for around 1 week. After this, it will need to be thrown out, unfortunately.

What is the Best Way to Store Chestnut Puree?

If you’re going to use it all within a week then storing it in the fridge is fine. If you won’t use it all up, then the best way to store it is in the freezer.

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