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Can You Freeze Courgette Cake?

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By Ross Young

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It might seem like an odd idea but if you want to sneak a few extra veggies into your diet or into your children’s meals without them realising then making a cake using vegetables might be the answer. It isn’t as strange as it sounds.

Adding vegetables such as courgette to a cake can result in a deliciously moist cake that you wouldn’t even know is made with veggies.

But the question is can you make courgette cake and then freeze it? And does courgette cake freeze well?

Yes, you can freeze courgette cake for around 1 month. You can freeze in individual portions or as a whole cake. All you need to do is make sure it is wrapped well and kept airtight and the cake should be as delicious frozen as it was fresh.

Does Courgette Cake Freeze Well? Yes

Can You Refreeze Courgette Cake? No

How To Freeze Courgette Cake

Freezing courgette cake is similar in process to freezing any kind of cake. We have outlined the method below.

How to Freeze Portions of Courgette Cake

If you don’t think you’ll eat a whole cake after thawing it then this is the method you should opt for. It will allow you to grab a slice or two as and when you need it:

  1. Bake and Cool
    Make and then bake your courgette cake. You can follow your favourite recipe for this or make up your own with your favourite flavours. Allow the cake to cook completely.
  2. Cut
    Once the cake is cool cut the cake into portions.
  3. Wrap
    Wrap each portion well in cling film. You will need two to three layers of wrapping around each portion.
  4. Bag Up
    Pop each portion into a large freezer bag. Label the bag with the date and contents.
  5. Freeze
    Pop the bag into the freezer and freeze.

How to Freeze a Whole Courgette Cake

If you’re convinced you’re going to eat a whole cake or have a special occasion coming up where you’ll need a whole cake then freeze your courgette cake using this approach:

  1. Bake and Cool
    Make your courgette cake and bake it in the tin. If possible make it in a freezer-safe tin and add parchment paper before pouring the mixture in and baking. Allow the cake to cool completely.
  2. Wrap and Freeze
    When the cake has cooled then wrap the cake and the tin in cling film and put it into the freezer. Allow the cake to freeze fully for several hours.
  3. Rewrap
    Take the cake out of the freezer and pop it out of the tin. Wrap the cake in several layers of cling film. Add a layer of tin foil over the top to provide further protection.
  4. Bag Up
    Pop the cake into a freezer bag and label it with the date and contents.
  5. Final Freeze
    Pop the cake back into the freezer until you need the cake.

3 Tips for Freezing Courgette Cake

Now you know how to freeze it, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing courgette cake to have the best results:

Freeze in Portions
Freezing courgette cake into portions makes it easier to grab one portion at a time. The only exception is if you know you’re having a party or family gathering and an entire cake will get eaten up. 

Avoid Decorations and Icing
Decorations and icing will deteriorate quicker in the freezer so avoid freezing the cake with decorations. Instead, add icing once it has thawed. 

Label It
You may find it delicious (because it is) but that doesn’t mean everyone loves courgette cake. The problem is when frozen, courgette cake can look like any sponge cake so make sure you label it clearly. 

How Long Can You Freeze Courgette Cake?

Courgette cake can be kept stored in the deep freeze for about a month before you may start to notice some deterioration in taste and texture. Depending on the type of cake you may even be able to keep it in the freezer for slightly longer than this.

However, at an absolute maximum, you should only keep the cake in the freezer for three months or less. The shorter the time it has in the freezer the more likely it is to stay as delicious as it was when it was freshly cooked.

You Can Freeze Courgette Cake for Around 1 Month

How Do You Defrost Courgette Cake?

When it comes to defrosting courgette cake you do need to be patient and allow it to thaw out naturally. You can do this by popping it onto a plate and putting it into the freezer overnight.

If you are defrosting an entire cake then this will take a little longer and might need a few extra hours to ensure it has fully thawed out.

If you do need to speed up the process then you can pop the frozen cake onto the kitchen side instead. This will thaw it out a little faster.

Can You Refreeze Courgette Cake?

We would not recommend that you refreeze courgette cake. Any food goes through changes as it freezes and thaws and the more times you do this the less tasty it is likely to be!

On top of this, there is always a little chance of issues surrounding bacteria growth forming in your cake which would make it spoil quicker and could even make you sick.

Does Courgette Cake Freeze Well?

Courgette cake does freeze fairly well. You might notice some changes in texture due to the moisture content of the courgette and other ingredients but it shouldn’t be changed to an extent where you stop enjoying it.

Having portions of courgette cake in the freezer is a fantastic way to have snacks and treats for packed lunches too. Simply take a portion of the courgette cake out of the freezer and pop it into your lunch box.

By the time it’s time to eat lunch it should be fully thawed out and ready to eat.

Related FAQs

If you’ve still got questions about freezing courgette cake or cake in general, then these may help:

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Perhaps a slightly more common vegetable cake is the carrot cake? Well, the question is can you also freeze it? You can freeze carrot cake in the exact same way as courgette cake whether that portions of sliced cake or a whole carrot cake. 

Can You Freeze Beetroot Cake?

Again, beetroot cake is a little more common than a courgette cake. It can also be frozen in the exact same way in slices or as a whole cake. The key to freezing any cake is to ensure it remains completely airtight.

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