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Can You Freeze Crepes?

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By Ross Young

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Crepes are a delicious breakfast, dessert, or snack option and can be enjoyed in so many ways. But can you freeze them for later?

Can You Freeze Crepes?

Yes, you can freeze crepes for up to 4 months. It’s possible to freeze both plain and filled crepes, but you must ensure the filling is freezer safe for the latter. (Full Instructions Below – Plain, Filled, Etc)

Do Crepes Freeze Well? Yes

Can You Refreeze Crepes? Yes

How to Freeze Crepes

The great news is that it’s super simple to freeze crepes, but you will have to follow slightly different instructions if they’re filled instead of plain. We will introduce the differences after. Here is how you go about freezing plain crepes. 

  1. Allow Them to Cool: If you’re preparing your crepes at home and have leftovers that you want to freeze, make sure you allow them to cool before putting them in the freezer. 
  2. Separate with Wax Paper or Parchment: Cut individual squares of wax paper or parchment and place one on top of each crepe you intend to freeze. This will ensure they don’t stick together and will be easier to prepare once defrosted.
  3. Wrap in Foil: You should wrap your crepe stack tightly in tin foil to preserve them from freezer burn
  4. Place Into Freezer-Safe Bags: When you have your wrapped crepes, place them inside a freezer-safe, resealable bag. It doesn’t matter how many crepes are in each bag; it depends on how much space is in your freezer. 
  5. Label and Freeze: Before placing your crepes in the freezer, make sure you label the bag with the date you prepared them and the appropriate use-by date. If you’re freezing them in stacks, it’s a good idea to write on the label how many crepes are in each bag, as this will save you from having to open it up. 

How to Freeze Filled Crepes

The first thing to think about when freezing filled crepes is whether or not the fillings are freezer-safe. If they are, ensure you follow any specific requirements to preserve them effectively.

If the filling is removable, it’s a good idea to take it out and freeze it separately alongside the crepes, as this will ensure the texture of the crepes isn’t affected.

Don’t freeze filled crepes stacked on top of one another. Instead, wrap them individually in foil and place them in freezer-safe bags. Then follow the same instructions before freezing. You should only keep filled crepes in the freezer for two months.

3 Tips for Freezing Crepes

Now you know how to freeze them, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing crepes to have the best results:

Avoid Topping
If you know you’ll freeze your crepes in advance, don’t add additional toppings like nuts before freezing. Keep these aside and add them once your crepes have been prepared. Toppings don’t keep as well in the freezer. 

Freeze Flat
Make sure you lie your crepes flat in the freezer. If you place them on an uneven surface, they might freeze in a bad position, which could cause them to tear or crack when you’re ready to defrost them. 

Cook from Frozen
You don’t necessarily need to defrost crepes before cooking them. While it’s always good to leave them to thaw if you have time, if you’re in a rush, you can take them straight out of the freezer and place them in the oven or skillet, depending on your choice to prepare them. 

How Long Can You Freeze Crepes?

You can freeze plain crepes for around four months. Make sure you wrap them in foil before placing them in freezer bags, as this will protect them from freezer burn.

On the other hand, filled crepes don’t last as long in the freezer, and you should only freeze them for around two months. Ensure the filling is freezer-safe in advance, and don’t freeze any toppings.  

How Long Do Crepes Keep in the Fridge?

Cooked crepes can be kept in the fridge for around 3 days when wrapped in cling film or in airtight, resealable bags.

How Do You Defrost Crepes?

It’s effortless to defrost crepes; all you need to do is remove them from the freezer and place them in the refrigerator overnight. If you’re in a rush, you can place them in the microwave on the defrost setting or leave them on the countertop for a couple of hours. If they’re thin, they should defrost quickly. 

You don’t need to defrost crepes before cooking them if you don’t want to. You can transfer them straight into the oven or onto the hob and follow the cook from frozen instructions.

This depends on the fillings, so it’s a good idea to thaw in advance if you’re unsure.

Can You Refreeze Crepes?

You can refreeze crepes if you have any leftovers after defrosting. However, you should be mindful that some fillings won’t be suitable for refreezing.

The best thing to do is to wrap your crepes in portion sizes in the freezer so you don’t have to defrost a large batch all at once. This means you don’t have to worry about refreezing them; it is a good option if you have filled crepes. 

Do Crepes Freeze Well?

Crepes freeze extremely well; you must ensure that you wrap them well and protect them from freezer burn.

If you’re freezing filled crepes, you should ensure the fillings are freezer-safe before you place them in the freezer, as you don’t want to risk ruining the flavour or texture of the crepes when it comes to defrosting them.

To be safe, it’s always better to freeze crepes and fillings separately; that way, you won’t need to worry about fillings that can and can’t be frozen. 


If you’ve still got questions about freezing crepes or crepes in general, then these may help:

Can You Freeze Crepe Batter?

Crepe batter can be frozen in freezer bags. Make sure you only freeze how much you will use in a sitting in each bag as you will not want to refreeze crepe batter once defrosted. Spoon it into thick freezer bags, seal (removing as much air as possible) and freeze. 

Can You Freeze Crepe Cake?

Crepe cake can be frozen. Once constructed, wrap it in multiple sheets of cling film to ensure it is airtight, then freeze. You can then partially defrost it before slicing it into wedges. This will ensure you get neat slices. Crepe Cake

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