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Can You Freeze Cuban Bread?

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By Lewis Brindley

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Although associated with Cuba, it actually originated in Florida. This is the Floridian answer to French baguettes and Italian ciabattas. But can it be stored in the same way?

Can You Freeze Cuban Bread?

Yes, you can freeze Cuban bread for up to 3 months. Take your loaf and slice it as you would usually. Then, place it into a freezer bag, remove as much excess air as possible, and seal the bag before popping it into the freezer.

Does Cuban Bread Freeze Well? Yes

Can You Refreeze Cuban Bread? Yes

How to Freeze Cuban Bread

Freezing Cuban bread isn’t very tricky, but it’s always worth following our instructions to ensure you do it well and preserve your bread as well as possible:

  1. Slice: Slicing the bread is a self-explanatory first step that you’ll need to take to ensure you can make toast and sandwiches. If you know you’ll be freezing the bread – we recommend slicing it as thickly as possible.
  2. Bag Up: Use a freezer bag with a zip top. This isn’t vitally important, of course, but it will make pressing out air quite a bit easier. You’ll be able to slide the zip across the seal most of the way and press air out efficiently and audibly.
  3. Seal: Remove as much excess air from the freezer bag as you can. This is important as it will prevent the bread from going stale in the freezer, which can be frustrating. Ensure the slices of bread are pressed together – that will ensure you remove some air by displacement too.
  4. Freeze: Placing the bread in the centre of your freezer keeps it far from the frost at the edges of your freezer. This will mean that no level of freezer burn should impact the bread since it won’t get encased in frost.

3 Tips for Freezing Cuban Bread

Now you know how to freeze it, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing Cuban bread to have the best results:

Freeze With a Desiccant
When you’re storing bread for a more extended amount of time than a few days, the main thing that will impact the bread’s ability to remain delicious is humidity and moisture. So, try freezing the bread with a food-safe desiccant – this will absorb moisture before your bread does.

Consider Your Add-Ins
When baking bread at home, people often add extra ingredients for the sake of texture and flavour. If you’ve added nuts, for example, you should consider how they might impact the freezing time – nuts can decrease the maximum freezing time of food since they have a high protein content.

Wrap with Plastic Wrap
If you’re storing Cuban bread for over a month, double-wrapping it can be a great idea to keep moisture out. Wrap the loaves of bread in a tight layer of cling film, being sure to remove any moisture or air bubbles. Then, place the bread into a bag, and freeze it.

How Long Can You Freeze Cuban Bread?

You can freeze Cuban bread for around 3 months. Beyond that time, the bread will still be safe to eat, though it may begin to succumb to freezer burn.

For this bread, the freezer burn will typically consist of the texture becoming softer and softer, to the point of being very doughy.

How Long Does Cuban Bread Last in the Fridge?

Unfortunately, Cuban bread will only keep for a day or two, either at room temperature or in the fridge, before it begins to dry out.

How Do You Defrost Cuban Bread?

The best way to defrost slices of Cuban bread is to use your toaster! Most toasters have a defrost setting and can be used to easily and quickly defrost and toast a slice of bread.

Alternatively, a slice of Cuban bread can be thawed at room temperature for around an hour before it’s typically soft enough to eat.

Can You Refreeze Cuban Bread?

Yes, you can refreeze Cuban bread! It’s unlikely to be contaminated while out of your freezer, which is the main reason items cannot be refrozen.

You may notice the texture decreasing in quality as Cuban bread is repeatedly frozen. Obviously, this isn’t ideal, so we would recommend only thawing what you plan to eat.

Does Cuban Bread Freeze Well?

Yes, Cuban bread does freeze well!

Provided it’s stored in a freezer bag or a similar item, most bread freezes very well, and can be thawed to be eaten at a later date.

If you’ve still got questions about freezing Cuban bread or bread in general, then these may help:

Can You Freeze Cubano Sandwiches?

Although it would be possible to freeze Cubano sandwiches, you’ll have textural issues as the bread will absorb any sauce and dressings. Instead, freeze the bread individually.

Can You Freeze a Loaf of Cuban Bread?

Yes, you can freeze a whole load of Cuban bread but it will take a long time to thaw slowly. You’ll need to do it in the fridge overnight.


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