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Can You Freeze Dauphinoise Potatoes?

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By Ross Young

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Potatoes and cheese, there isn’t a much better combination of foods! These two ingredients pair perfectly and when cooked together to make dauphinoise potatoes you end up with a comforting dish the whole family will love.

Can You Freeze Dauphinoise Potatoes?

Yes, you can freeze dauphinoise potatoes for up to 1 month. If you freeze it with the cream and cheese, you’ll find there are some dramatic textural changes which is why we recommend freezing it without.

Do Dauphinoise Potatoes Freeze Well? Sometimes

Can You Refreeze Dauphinoise Potatoes? No

How To Freeze Dauphinoise Potatoes

When it comes to freezing dauphinoise potatoes, you might want to consider cooking the potatoes and preparing them in the dish you plan to cook it in but leave the cheese sauce out.

This allows you to make the cheese sauce fresh and pour it over the potatoes once they have defrosted.

This will ensure you get a much better result. However, if you want to freeze the dish as a whole, then you can just be prepared for a change in the texture of the meal.

To freeze follow these methods:

How to Freeze It Without Cheese Sauce

If possible, opt for this approach. The cheese sauce is likely to split so freezing it without the sauce can ensure your dauphinoise remain delicious when eating it:

  1. Cook and Cool: Prepare your dauphinoise potatoes. You will want to add everything to the dish except the dairy. Cook and then allow the potatoes to cool completely. Be careful to adjust your temperatures and timings to allow for the lack of the sauce.
  2. Wrap: Wrap the dish in several layers of cling film. This is to keep it airtight.
  3. Freeze: Label the potatoes with the date and contents. Pop it into the freezer and freeze.

How to Freeze It With the Cheese Sauce

It is, of course, possible to freeze dauphinoise potatoes fully assembled. It won’t be quite as good, but it will also be far less time-consuming so you will need to weigh up the pros and cons:

  1. Cook and Cool: Grab your favourite recipe and prepare and cook your dauphinoise potatoes. Allow the dish to cool completely.
  2. Wrap: You need to wrap the dish well. You can either transfer portions of dauphinoise potatoes into separate containers or keep it in the dish you cooked it in. Don’t forget to make sure the dish is freezer-safe first.
  3. Freeze: Label the potatoes with the date and pop them into the freezer.

3 Tips for Freezing Dauphinoise Potatoes

Now you know how to freeze dauphinoise with and without the cheese sauce, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing it to have the best results:

Make the Sauce Fresh
You may already be aware that cream and cheese are not the best things to freeze. When you freeze it in dauphinoise, it will split and become grainy. Instead, make your sauce fresh and pour it over when serving.

Ensure you protect your dish of dauphinoise well by wrapping it in multiple layers of both cling film and tin foil. You don’t want air getting in!

Defrost Slowly
Try not to speed up the thawing process. Instead, give them time to defrost slowly in the fridge overnight for the best results.

How Long Can You Freeze Dauphinoise Potatoes?

Because of how easily this dish can degrade and change while frozen, we recommend that you only keep it frozen for up to a month. After this, you are in danger of having the taste of the dish change as well as the texture.

How Long Do Dauphinoise Potatoes Last in the Fridge?

Leftover dauphinoise potatoes will last for around 5 days in the fridge when kept in a covered container or a dish covered with a sheet of foil.

How Do You Defrost Dauphinoise Potatoes?

When it comes to using the dauphinoise potatoes, you can defrost the dish by popping it into the fridge and allowing it to thaw out fully. You can do this by getting the dish out of the freezer the night before.

If you didn’t add your sauce to the potatoes, you can add the cheese sauce once the potatoes have thawed out. Then pop them into the oven to reheat.

Can You Refreeze Dauphinoise Potatoes?

We wouldn’t recommend that you refreeze dauphinoise potatoes. They won’t be as nice, and the worst-case scenario is that it could make you sick!

If you don’t manage to eat the dauphinoise potatoes within 24 hours of thawing, then it’s best to throw them away.

Does Dauphinoise Potatoes Freeze Well?

Unfortunately, this is not a dish that freezes well. Potatoes are difficult to freeze and can only be frozen cooked or blanched. Dairy produce, such as the cheese sauce that is part of dauphinoise potatoes doesn’t freeze well either!

The potatoes can become mushy, and the cheese sauce can separate and become grainy.

However, if you want to give it a try, you can follow the above instructions to freeze your dauphinoise potatoes. Just don’t be surprised if you end up with potatoes that have changed in texture.

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