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Can You Freeze Focaccia?

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By Ross Young

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Focaccia is a popular Italian bread that can be enjoyed at all times of the day. Often consisting of fresh herbs and olive oil, it’s particularly delicious with your favourite pasta dishes. But what’s the best way to preserve this delicious Italian bread?

Can You Freeze Focaccia?

Yes, you can freeze focaccia for up to 1 month. Once baked (assuming it’s homemade), decide if you want to slice it up then wrap it well before placing it in the freezer. 

Does Focaccia Freeze Well? Yes

Can You Refreeze Focaccia? No

How to Freeze Focaccia

Focaccia, like almost every other type of bread, freezes well. If you’re a keen home baker and you’ve rustled up a tray of tasty focaccia, you can either eat it all in one go – nobody would blame you – or wrap it up and save it for another time.

Here’s how to freeze your focaccia, so it’s light and fluffy when you come to enjoy it: 

  1. Cool: Take your focaccia out of the oven and allow it to air and cool at room temperature. Make sure it has cooled completely before you proceed to the next step. 
  2. Portion: This is a totally optional step, as you might want to leave your focaccia whole. Either way, you can slice it into portions if you wish. 
  3. Wrap: If you’re leaving your focaccia whole, wrap it tightly in tin foil. If you have sliced it, you can use cling film to wrap the individual pieces. 
  4. Add to a Container or Freezer-Safe Bag: The biggest threat to focaccia or any other bread when you place it in the freezer is burn. To prevent this, place your wrapped focaccia in a container or freezer-safe bag before you freeze it. 
  5. Label and Freeze
    You can now write today’s date, as well as the use-by date of your focaccia on the container or freezer-safe bag. Remember, you can freeze focaccia for around 1 month.

3 Tips for Freezing Focaccia

Now you know how to freeze it, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing focaccia to have the best results:

Make Sure it Has Cooled Completely
Don’t rush things when you’re freezing focaccia. If you’re too hasty with putting your focaccia in the freezer, you will cause it to go soggy! Allow it sufficient time to air and cool before you wrap it to avoid ruining your delicious Italian bread. 

Freeze the Dough
If you’ve prepared the focaccia dough yourself, you can freeze it before baking it if you prefer. Allow the dough to set, and then wrap it well before adding it to the freezer. You should then allow sufficient time to defrost the dough before you cook it. 

Freeze as Soon as You Can
It’s no secret that leaving bread out at room temperature causes it to go stale. So, as soon as your focaccia has cooled, wrap it and get it in the freezer as quickly as you can. This will make sure your focaccia has a delicious taste and texture when you come to enjoy it. 

How Long Can You Freeze Focaccia?

You can freeze focaccia for at least a month. Opinion is divided on how long you should freeze bread, and some people are happy to leave it for longer than this.

However, few things in life are better than homemade, fresh-tasting bread and focaccia is no exception. So, to ensure your focaccia tastes as good as it should, try and use it as quickly as you can after you’ve frozen it to avoid disappointment. 

How Long Does Focaccia Last in the Fridge?

When wrapped in a sheet of cling film and then a layer of foil, focaccia will keep in the fridge (or at room temperature) for 2 to 3 days before it begins to dry out.

How Do You Defrost Focaccia?

You can defrost focaccia by taking it out of the freezer and allowing it to thaw in the fridge. This can take 8 to 10 hours, so it’s best to leave it overnight. If you want to serve your focaccia warm, allow it to thaw and oven-bake it for ten minutes or so.

Avoid putting your focaccia in the microwave if you can, as you can easily ruin its texture! 

Can You Refreeze Focaccia?

No, you shouldn’t refreeze focaccia.

We’ve alluded to it throughout this post, but bread is best enjoyed as fresh as possible. The moisture content of the freezing process can cause your focaccia to spoil, so thawing and then refreezing focaccia is a bad idea.

If you don’t think you will eat a whole loaf of focaccia at once, consider slicing it before freezing it. 

Does Focaccia Freeze Well?

Just like most other types of bread, focaccia freezes well if you follow the necessary steps. Allowing it sufficient time to cool before tightly wrapping it will ensure your focaccia is fluffy and tasty when you come to enjoy it in the future. 

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Can You Freeze Focaccia Dough?

Yes, you can freeze focaccia dough. Allow your focaccia dough to rise, knock it back as you usually would and then freeze at this stage. This is the best time to freeze focaccia dough.

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