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Can You Freeze Ginger Ale?

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By Ross Young

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Ginger ale or ginger beer might be a favourite drink in the summer either as a cooling soft drink or with a splash of rum to spice it up.

It’s fairly common knowledge to know that most carbonated drinks can’t be frozen but what about ginger ale? Can ginger ale be frozen?

The Quick Answer

The short answer is no, ginger ale cannot be frozen. If you tried to freeze it in a can or bottle it might explode! However, you may be able to make yourself some ginger ale ice cubes as long as you don’t mind that the bubbles will have disappeared.

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How to Freeze Ginger Ale

Freezing ginger ale is a bit of a tricky subject. Fizzy ginger ale won’t freeze well at all. If you freeze it, it will lose all its bubbles because when freezing carbonated liquids, the bubbles expand and pop. If you are not careful, this can even cause the ginger ale to explode out of its container.

You should never put sealed cans or bottles in the freezer. They can explode quite dangerously and end up hurting you.

One way you can freeze ginger ale is by making yourself some ice cubes. These are delicious to pop into a soft or alcoholic drink to add a little ginger heat. You won’t keep any bubbles, but the flavour will still be there.

  1. Pour into Ice Cubes
    The first thing you need when making ginger ale ice cubes is an ice cube tray. Pour your ginger ale into the sections. Make sure you leave a gap at the top because the ginger ale will expand considerably.
  2. Freeze Tray
    Place the ice cube tray into the freezer carefully and allow the ginger ale to freeze.
  3. Pop Cubes Out into a Bag
    Once the ginger ale ice cubes have frozen, you can take the ice cube tray out of the freezer and pop the ice cubes out of it. Put these ice cubes into a freezer bag and label it with both the date and contents.
  4. Freeze
    Seal the bag tightly and pop it into the freezer, and freeze for up to two weeks.

3 Tips for Freezing Ginger Ale

Now you know how to freeze it, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing ginger ale to have the best results:

  • Still Ale Freezes Better – Whilst most ginger ales are fizzy and cannot be frozen, if you can find yourself a delicious still ginger ale, then you may be able to freeze this. Transfer the liquid into suitable liquid-safe containers. Always make sure you leave a gap at the top for the liquid to expand. Pop the lid on and freeze.
  • Add Cubes to a Smoothie – If you have made ginger ale ice cubes, you could try adding a few to a fruit smoothie. The ice gives its lovely creamy texture, and the ginger flavour will add some pep to your smoothie – perfect for an early morning smoothie!
  • Make Lollies – Ginger ale makes great lollies. Pour ginger ale into an ice lolly mould, freeze and enjoy during the hot summer months.

How Long Can You Freeze Ginger Ale?

If you have frozen ginger ale into ice cubes using the above method and kept them well sealed in the freezer, then you should be able to keep them in the freezer for up to 1 month.

You Can Freeze Ginger Ale for up to 1 Month

How Do You Defrost Ginger Ale?

It is unlikely you will ever need to defrost your ginger ale ice cubes. They are just too delicious and versatile kept as ice! Pop them into a drink to cool it and add flavour, or pop some ice cubes into your smoothies. If you want to add some ginger ale to a recipe, then you can also pop an ice cube into the recipe and allow it to melt into it for some extra ginger flavour.

If you do find you need to defrost the ginger ale ice cubes, then you can put some into a glass and put it on the kitchen counter until they melt. You will find that the fizz has all disappeared, which can affect the taste, so don’t try and drink it like this.

Can You Refreeze Ginger Ale?

No, we wouldn’t recommend that you freeze ginger ale at all! If your ice cubes have melted, then don’t attempt to refreeze them again. The ginger ale will have changed too much to be usable.

Does Ginger Ale Freeze Well?

No, ginger ale doesn’t freeze well. Not if you are expecting it to stay the same fizzy, refreshing drink you are used to! As ice cubes, they can work well, but they still won’t be quite the same as your ginger ale used to be before you froze it.

Related FAQs

If you’ve still got questions about freezing ginger ale or ginger ale in general, then these may help:

Can You Freeze Ginger Ale in Cans?

This is not something we would advise. Most liquids will expand as they freeze. This means a can might explode if placed into the freezer. Instead, decant the contents into a suitable freezer-safe container.

Can You Make Ginger Ale Lollies?

You can make ginger ale lollies by pouring the contents into an ice lolly mould and freezing. The other option is to grate ginger into lemonade, mix and freeze this instead.

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