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Can You Freeze Halwa?

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By Ross Young

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Carrot halwa – sometimes referred to as orange bliss – is a delicious East-Asian dish with complex spices and flavours. It can be a faff to make. So, what’s the best way to preserve it?

Can You Freeze Halwa?

Yes, you can freeze halwa for up to 3 months. As soon as you have prepared the halwa, leave it to sit at room temperature for an hour or so until it has cooled completely before bagging it up and freezing it

Does Halwa Freeze Well? Yes

Can You Refreeze Halwa? No

How to Freeze Halwa

Freezing halwa is nice and straightforward, and it’s actually a great way to preserve this tasty delicacy. Halwa should be good in the fridge for 2-3 days after you’ve prepared it, but you will need to freeze it if you hope to keep it for longer.

Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Cool
    Remove the halwa from the heat as soon as it’s ready and place it in a bowl, covering it with a paper towel. You will need to leave the halwa sitting at room temperature for around one hour before you proceed to the next step, as it should have cooled completely before it’s suitable for freezing. 
  2. Bag Up
    Place the halwa in a freezer-safe bag. You can place all the halwa in the same bag, or you can split it into smaller portion sizes; it just depends on how you plan to enjoy it in the future. Before sealing the bag, push out as much air as possible to protect the halwa from freezer burn.
  3. Label and freeze
    Write today’s date and the use-by date on the front of the bag before placing the halwa in the freezer. Remember, you can freeze halwa for around three months.

3 Tips for Freezing Halwa

Now you know how to freeze it, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing halwa to have the best results:

Serve It Warm
Once you have defrosted the halwa, it’s best to warm it up before serving it with your chosen accompaniments. While the dish can be enjoyed cold, it’s even more delicious after it has been warmed, as all of its unique flavours and tastes can do their thing.

Use Full-Fat Milk
 When preparing halwa, you might be tempted to switch the whole milk that the recipe calls for with a lower fat version. But the truth is, whole milk freezes much better than low-fat milk, not to mention that your halwa will taste even more delicious when you use full-fat.

Defrost First
To ensure the halwa retains its delightful texture and consistency, you will need to defrost it before warming it up. If you warm halwa straight from frozen, the temperature shock may affect its consistency, so it’s best to defrost it in the fridge before you plan on reheating it in the future.

How Long Can You Freeze Halwa?

You can freeze halwa for around three months. While carrots on their own can be frozen for much longer than this, the addition of butter and milk to the recipe means that you need to use the halwa a little sooner than you may have liked.

The longer you leave it in the freezer, the more likely it is to deteriorate in taste and texture because of the ice crystals that form during the freezing process.

As such, to avoid disappointment, use your frozen halwa within three months.

You Can Freeze Halwa for up to 3 Months

How Do You Defrost Halwa?

When you’re ready to enjoy the frozen halwa, remove it from the freezer and place it in the fridge until it has completely thawed.

It’s not safe to thaw halwa at room temperature, as the dairy within the recipe is likely to spoil if it sits out for too long. Equally, you shouldn’t’ thaw halwa in the microwave as this may interfere with its texture.

While it takes a little bit of forward planning, the best way to defrost halwa is to transfer it from the freezer to the fridge the night before you plan to reheat it.

Can You Refreeze Halwa?

We wouldn’t recommend freezing halwa more than once. This is primarily because of the ice crystals that form during the freezing process.

The crystals can influence the consistency of your halwa, making it less sticky and delicious than it usually is.

If you’ve made a particularly big batch of halwa, consider freezing it in smaller portion sizes so you can easily remove what you need at any given time.

Does Halwa Freeze Well?

Overall, halwa freezes really well. Once you’ve prepared a delicious batch of this oriental delicacy, allow it to cool before bagging it up for storage in the freezer.

As long as it’s protected from freezer burn, frozen halwa will be good for around three months.

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