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Can You Freeze Lemon Tart?

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By Ross Young

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Lemon tart (or tarte au citron) is an excellent make-ahead dessert that is the perfect way to round off a delightful dinner party.

The zingy tart and crumbly pastry are delicious when topped with double cream or ice cream, and you might even decide to decorate it with some summer fruits if you’re feeling generous!

But what happens when there’s some tart leftover after your meal? Can you freeze lemon tart with success or should it be avoided at all costs?

The Quick Answer

Yes, you can freeze lemon tart. Lemon tart can be frozen for around 3 months. The same freezing method applies whether your tart is homemade or shop-bought. The sooner you freeze your tart after preparing it, the fresher it will be when it comes to enjoying it at a later date.

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How to Freeze Lemon Tart

While the process of preparing the perfect lemon tart can be a little time consuming, particularly if you hand make the pastry, the freezing process is super straightforward.

Just be mindful that lemon tart is quite delicate, so take care not to damage your dessert when freezing it. Here are the steps you should follow to freeze your lemon tart. 

  1. Slice Into Portions
    The first step is a matter of personal preference. Some people will freeze the tart as it is, while others will slice it into servings. Ultimately, it’s up to you which you decide, but slicing it before freezing gives you greater flexibility when it comes to defrosting. 
  2. Freeze Initially
    As mentioned above, you need to take care when placing your lemon tart in the freezer, as you can easily damage it if you’re heavy-handed. Place your tart on a tray and slide it into the freezer for around two hours to freeze it initially. 
  3. Remove from Freezer and Wrap
    Once your tart has frozen solid, remove it from the freezer and wrap the individual portions [or whole tart] in cling film. It’s best to double wrap your tart to protect it from freezer burn. 
  4. Place Into Tupperware Box
    The next step is to place each slice of tart in a Tupperware box. This is to protect your tart from damage in the freezer. If you’ve frozen your tart as a whole or half, you can find a freezer-safe container that is suitable and wrap it with cling film. 
  5. Label and Freeze
    Once your tart is wrapped and boxed, it’s ready to be frozen. Before placing the box in your freezer, make sure you label the lid with the date you prepared the dessert, as well as the use-by date. Remember, you can store lemon tart in the freezer for around three months. 

Lemon Tart Slices

3 Tips for Freezing Lemon Tart

Now you know how to freeze it, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing lemon tart to have the best results:

  • Decorate Afterwards – If you plan to top your lemon tart with fruits or various other decorations, it’s best to leave them off when it comes to freezing the tart. You can always freeze them separately and add them to the tart when it has been defrosted. 
  • Store in the Fridge for 2 Days – Your lemon tart leftovers will be perfectly fine in the fridge for a couple of days, providing you cover it well. So, if you plan on enjoying your lemon tart within 1-2 days, you don’t need to freeze it. 
  • Freeze Whole – If you’re preparing a whole tart for the freezer and don’t intend on slicing it into portions, this is also perfectly fine. Just make sure the container or tray you base the tart in is freezer safe, and wrap it tightly with cling film before freezing. 

How Long Can You Freeze Lemon Tart?

You can freeze lemon tart for around three months. 

The biggest threat to your lemon tart in the freezer is damage caused by other food items, so make sure you lie it on a flat surface and don’t place any heavy items on top of it in the freezer. 

You Can Freeze Lemon Tart for up to 3 Months

How Do You Defrost Lemon Tart?

The night before you plan to enjoy your frozen lemon tart, you will need to remove it from the freezer and place it in the fridge. Your tart will defrost perfectly overnight and will be ready to enjoy from chilled in the freezer.

Naturally, individual portions will defrost quicker than an entire tart, but you should still defrost them in the fridge. 

Can You Refreeze Lemon Tart?

If you want to refreeze your lemon tart, it’s safe to do so, providing you have defrosted it in the fridge. With tarts and cakes, we always recommend portioning them before freezing, so you only have to take out the required amount at any given time.

By planning ahead, you don’t need to worry about refreezing, and it means your tart will be delicious when it comes to sitting down and eating it. 

Does Lemon Tart Freeze Well?

Lemon tart, like many other desserts, freezes really well. As mentioned throughout, just be careful not to damage your tart in the process of freezing it, and make sure it’s well covered, so it doesn’t suffer from freezer burn.

Otherwise, you should be able to enjoy a delicious slice of lemon tart, whether fresh or recently defrosted. 

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Can You Freeze Other Fruit Tarts?

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