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Can You Freeze Miso Soup?

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By Lewis Brindley

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Perfectly seasoned, salty, rich and warming miso soup takes time to prepare but is delicious once made. But, what happens if you’ve made a little more than you can consume in one go?

Can You Freeze Miso Soup?

Yes, you can freeze miso soup for up to 3 months. We recommend placing the soup into a container where it takes up no more than four-fifths of the total volume before ensuring it’s totally cool and sealing it. Then, place the soup in the freezer.

Does Miso Soup Freeze Well? Sometimes

Can You Refreeze Miso Soup? No

How to Freeze Miso Soup

Freezing miso soup isn’t as simple as chucking a bowl into the freezer. To make sure that you freeze soup well, here are our recommended steps:

  1. Cool: Ensuring that the food you’re freezing has cooled to room temperature will ensure that you avoid bacterial growth when the container is sealed.
  2. Prepare Containers: Next, you need to pick the correct container. You must choose a container where the total volume of soup doesn’t exceed four-fifths of the total volume of the container. It is also a good idea to choose containers that will hold one portion of soup.
  3. Decant: Move the soup into the containers that you’re using, making sure that you leave headroom at the top of the containers. Go by a rough estimate of 20% expansion to calculate the total size that the containers need to be.
  4. Seal: Sealing the containers will ensure no spillage within your freezer. Press down on the lids firmly so the soup won’t spill, creating a mess in your freezer.
  5. Freeze: Place the soup toward the centre of the freezer with a clear label outlining the contents. It can look awfully like generic chicken broth once frozen!

3 Tips for Freezing Miso Soup

Now you know how to freeze it, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing miso soup to have the best results:

Check for a Tight Seal
Ensuring that the lid is as tightly sealed as possible will make sure that you can prevent spillages in your freezer – the last thing you want to happen!

Don’t Expect the Noodles to Freeze Well
Since the noodles are primarily made up of broth that they soaked up during the cooking process, likely, they won’t freeze well. Instead, they’ll be unenjoyable and mushy.

You May Need to Reseason
During the freezing process, some aromatic compounds from within the soup will have evaporated. To ensure your soup is as flavorful as possible, you may need to add additional seasonings to bring it back to normal.

How Long Can You Freeze Miso Soup?

You can freeze miso soup for 3 months.

Over that time, any protein-dense ingredients within the miso soup (such as meat, tofu, or beans) will become quite less textured than they were before.

And, of course, if freezer burn sets in, the miso soup will taste much worse than it initially did.

How Long Does Miso Soup Last in the Fridge?

Unfortunately, miso soup will only last for 2 to 3 days in the fridge when kept in a covered bowl or airtight container.

How Do You Defrost Miso Soup?

The best way to defrost miso soup is in the microwave. We suggest placing it into a microwave on high power for 30-second bursts until steaming hot throughout.

Steam, of course, is an indicator that the broth is totally safe to eat.

Can You Refreeze Miso Soup?

No, refreezing miso soup is not a good idea, especially if it hasn’t been left plain.

Miso soup can often be adorned with tofu, spring onions, noodles and maybe even slices of beef. Many of these additional ingredients will not freeze well.

If the soup is plain, then you might be OK to refreeze it, but you still risk ruining the flavour. You’ll be left with murky, fainted-flavoured water.

Does Miso Soup Freeze Well?

This depends on a few things. The broth, veggies, and meat in miso soup freeze well, but the noodles don’t.

To ensure your miso soup freezes as well as possible, we might suggest that you freeze everything aside from the noodles, and cook those fresh when you’re ready to eat.

If you’ve still got questions about freezing miso soup or miso in general, then these may help:

Can You Freeze Miso Paste?

Although it might be possible to freeze miso paste, there’s no point. When kept in a covered container in the fridge, it will last around 1 year. Miso Paste

Can You Freeze Miso Soup With Tofu?

Where possible, it is a good idea to freeze the miso soup and the tofu apart to avoid the tofu turning mushy.

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