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Can You Freeze Pancake Batter?

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By Ross Young

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Whether you enjoy them laced with lashings of melted chocolate or just a sprinkling of lemon juice and sugar, pancakes are a delicious breakfast option. But if you’ve made too much batter and can’t force another few pancakes down, can you freeze it?

Pancake Batter

Can You Freeze Pancake Batter?

Yes, you can freeze pancake batter for up to 3 months. Split it into portions in freezer-safe containers (a Tupperware box is a good idea) and then pop them into the freezer.

How to Freeze Pancake Batter

You’ll be pleased to hear that there’s nothing challenging when it comes to freezing pancake batter. The most important thing to ensure is that the batter is in an appropriate container and protected from freezer burn.

Below are the specific steps you need to follow to freeze leftover pancake batter: 

  1. Split Into Portion Sizes
    Begin by separating your pancake batter into portion sizes. It’s possible to freeze it all in one batch, but separating the batter first makes your life a lot easier when you’re ready to defrost and use it in the future. 
  2. Place in Freezer-Safe Containers
    Pour the pancake mixture into suitably sized freezer-safe containers. You can use a Tupperware box or something similar. 
  3. Seal, Label, and Freeze
    Seal the lids of the containers and write the date that you prepared the pancake batter, as well as its use-by date, before transferring to the freezer. Remember, you can freeze pancake batter for around three months.
Can You Freeze Pancake Batter With Eggs?

Yes, you can freeze pancake batter with eggs. To do so, mix the batter thoroughly, pour it into airtight containers or freezer bags, and store in the freezer. When ready to use, thaw the batter in the fridge overnight and give it a good stir before cooking.

Freezer-Friendly Pancake Recipes

Try out one of these delicious recipes that are perfect for freezing:

How Long Can You Freeze Pancake Batter?

You can freeze pancake batter for around 3 months. 

If you decide to cook the batter to produce pancakes, these can be frozen for around two months, providing they’re tightly wrapped and also protected from freezer burn. 

How Long Does Pancake Batter Last in the Fridge?

Pancake batter can be stored in the fridge for up to 4 days. Ensure it’s kept in an airtight container or a sealed zip-top bag. As the batter contains perishable ingredients like eggs and milk, it’s essential to refrigerate it.

How Do You Defrost Pancake Batter?

When it’s time to defrost your pancake batter, you will need to thaw it thoroughly before cooking.

The best way of thawing pancake batter is to remove it from the freezer the night before you plan to use it, placing it in the fridge.

Then before cooking your pancakes, you will need to stir the mixture well and may even need to add water, flour, or milk to improve its consistency. You shouldn’t be concerned if your batter has split in the freezer, as it can be easily rectified once thawed. 

Can You Refreeze Pancake Batter?

Freezing pancake batter affects its moisture content, which can then influence the taste of your cooked pancakes. While it’s safe to refreeze pancake batter that has been thawed in the fridge, you might be disappointed with the outcome.

To avoid wasting leftovers, freeze your pancake batter in smaller portion sizes, as this means you can easily defrost a suitable amount of batter.

If you freeze it all in one batch, you will have to use it all in one go, which isn’t ideal if you’re only hoping to prepare a couple of pancakes for yourself!

Does Pancake Batter Freeze Well?

Pancake batter freezes extremely well, so you don’t have to worry about wasting leftovers.

Providing you cover it well and store it in suitable airtight containers, you can expect your pancake batter to be good in the freezer for up to three months.

The only thing to be aware of is that the batter may split in the freezer. But by stirring it well and potentially adding some additional ingredients, you can rectify this easily and enjoy delicious pancakes at any time.


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