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Can You Freeze Parma Ham?

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By Ross Young

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Parma ham is a wonderfully delicate meat. Cured and then thinly sliced it’s delicious as part of a charcuterie board or as a snack. To be able to even be called Parma ham it has to originate from the Parma region of Italy.

If this type of cured ham comes from any other region then it is called by its other name, prosciutto. But how do you store it for the longer term? Is there a way you can extend its shelf-life?

Unfortunately, you shouldn’t freeze Parma ham and it doesn’t freeze particularly well! Not only will the texture be ruined but there is also a risk that the frozen Parma ham can make you ill. The best approach to take is to not freeze Parma ham.

Does Parma Ham Freeze Well? No

Can You Refreeze Parma Ham? No

How To Freeze Parma Ham

So, as we mentioned you shouldn’t freeze parma ham. But you may find that it is worth checking the instructions on the packaging because you may find that you don’t need to!

The reason that dry curing became a technique used was to extend the shelf life of meats so that they would be able to last a long time and be stored easily. It’s why products such as biltong became so popular as a snack. This dates back to before we even had access to freezers.

You may find that the date and instructions on your Parma ham mean you won’t need to worry about freezing it at all.

Now, if you do want to give freezing the parma ham a go then the best way to do this is to pop slices of Parma ham in between layers of parchment paper. Then wrap these tightly to keep them airtight and label and pop into the freezer.

It isn’t recommended to freeze these so if you do then make sure you are careful when defrosting to check the meat thoroughly for any signs of spoiling and if in doubt don’t eat it. It may well make you sick.

How Long Can You Freeze Parma Ham?

If you have frozen your Parma ham then we wouldn’t recommend you keep it in the freezer for too long. Try and use it up within a month at the maximum.

You Can’t Really Freeze Parma Ham – It’s Not Worth it!

How Do You Defrost Parma Ham?

When defrosting ham it is important to only do this using a slow method in the fridge. You want to avoid the ham coming up to room temperature as this is when bacteria are most likely to grow.

Check the Parma ham still looks and smells okay before using and make sure you use it within a few hours.

Can You Refreeze Parma Ham?

We wouldn’t recommend you freeze Parma ham at all so you definitely shouldn’t freeze it more than once. The best way to deal with leftover Parma ham is to use it as soon as you can without freezing so that it doesn’t go to waste.

There are lots of recipes that call for it including quiches, beef wellingtons and so much more!

Does Parma Ham Freeze Well?

No, Parma ham does not freeze well. As mentioned before this is a tricky meat to deal with and if you choose to freeze it then it may well go bad and make you ill. On top of this because of how thinly the ham is sliced you are likely to find that the Parma ham has become unusable once it has thawed out.

Related FAQs

If you’ve still got questions about freezing parma ham or cured meats in general, then these may help:

Can You Freeze Salami?

Although salami can technically be frozen, and it is unlikely to cause you any harm – much like Parma ham we would not recommend you freeze it, unfortunately.

The cold conditions of the freezer can dry your salami out, remove any flavour and destroy its texture. It really isn’t worth it.

Can You Freeze Chorizo?

Chorizo is an interesting one as it depends on what form the chorizo is in. Raw chorizo sausage can be frozen as outlined here but cured chorizo is much like Parma ham and should not be frozen.

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