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Can You Freeze Pimm’s?


By Ross Young

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Is it Wimbledon season already? Time to crack open your Pimm’s! This English gin-based liqueur is a refreshing choice to fill your summertime cocktails and has inspired many imitations. Mixed with a number of spices, this is a fruity, alcoholic classic. But can you keep Pimm’s in the freezer?

Can You Freeze Pimm’s?

Yes, you can freeze Pimm’s but there’s not much point. Keeping your Pimm’s mix in the freezer can be done, but it is the other items within the mix that are likely to be frozen. With hard liquors like Pimm’s, storage at room temperature is often fine.

Does Pimm's Freeze Well? No

Can You Refreeze Pimm's? No

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol actually does freeze, but its freezing point is much lower than water’s – in fact, the temperature required to freeze alcohol (or ethanol) is around 114℃!

Therefore, you might not actually freeze your Pimm’s when trying to do so at home, but storing Pimm’s in the freezer will still chill it.

However, if you decide to place your Pimm’s in the freezer because you like your drinks cold, just make sure the storage conditions are good.

How to Freeze Pimm’s

Well, that really depends on what you are freezing it with. 

In truth, it is not worthwhile keeping your Pimm’s in the freezer. The same can be said of Pimm’s cocktails, as they are best enjoyed fresh!

However, if you decide to freeze your Pimm’s cocktail, make sure that you use freezer-proof containers, check if the other items it is mixed with can be frozen and for how long, and do not leave it in the freezer for too long or it will start to reduce in quality.

Remember, alcohol is extremely difficult to freeze. You can store hard liquors like Pimm’s at room temperature, and they will remain in good condition for a long time.

3 Tips for Freezing Pimm’s

Now you know how to freeze it, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing Pimm’s to have the best results:

Avoid Freezing Glass
You might be tempted to put your bottle of Pimm’s straight in the freezer if you are not quite ready to make your mix. We would advise against doing this as glass can crack under freezing conditions. Consider pouring your Pimm’s into a container that is freezer-proof.

Remove Ice Crystals Before Serving
The freezing process will inevitably create ice crystals that will remain on the surface of your Pimm’s cocktail. Use a fork to scrape the mix and disperse the ice crystals for a more balanced drink.

Make Pimm’s With Lemonade or Water
Pimm’s will probably not freeze on its own, so you would need to add another substance to it to achieve this. Water might not positively affect the flavour, but it could aid the freezing process. Consider mixing Pimm’s with lemonade, which will freeze. The fizz of the lemonade might disappear after freezing but remains an option.

How Long Can You Freeze Pimm’s?

It is advisable to consume your Pimm’s within one month of freezing. There is no accurate length of time that Pimm’s will expire, but it may start to lose its flavour and colour once being opened. Bear this in mind before freezing.

The freezing process is not kind to alcoholic drinks either, so the less amount of time it spends in the freezer, the better!

However, you should be cautious of what other ingredients you have mixed in your Pimm’s. As the drink is often served in a cocktail that contains fruit, these will likely have different expiration dates or may not freeze for as long as Pimm’s.

How Do You Defrost Pimm’s?

Pimm’s on its own is difficult to freeze at home, so it would be unlikely that you need to defrost it.

Again, if you have mixed Pimm’s with other ingredients, you should double-check how those other ingredients would need defrosting and for what length of time. A Pimm’s cocktail, if stored in the freezer for a while, can be transferred directly to the refrigerator for a few hours if you wish.

Others decide to consume Pimm’s cocktails directly from the freezer if it has only been in there for a few hours. Just make sure to scrape the ice crystals that will have formed.

Can You Refreeze Pimm’s?

Generally, hard liquor can be stored at room temperature. But if you have already “frozen” your Pimm’s and then brought it back to room temperature, it is not advised to put it in the freezer again.

This is because you will be compromising its quality. This is especially the case if there are other items mixed in with your Pimm’s, which is something to stay aware of.

Either consume your Pimm’s (responsibly, of course) after storing it in the freezer for a short period of time, or store it unopened at room temperature.

Does Pimm’s Freeze Well?

No, alcohol, in general, does not freeze well. Even if you can get the temperature down to a level at which the alcohol will freeze, which is very unlikely with household appliances, the quality will be jeopardised as a result of the freezing process.

If you’ve still got questions about freezing Pimm’s or cocktails in general, then these may help:

How Do You Make Pimm’s Ice Lollies?

Mix Pimm’s with a high concentration of lemonade (as this will help it to freeze) along with any classic Pimm’s ingredients such as mint leaves or strawberries. Pour it into an ice lolly mould, freeze and enjoy!

How Long Will Pimm’s Last Once Opened?

Even once it has been opened, Pimm’s has a surprisingly long shelf life. It will last for 18 to 24 months once it has been opened or up until the expiry date, whichever comes soonest.

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