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Can You Freeze Quorn?

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By Ross Young

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As more people switch to a meat-free lifestyle, Quorn has become exceedingly popular. Their meat-free range includes family favourites like mince, sausages, and crispy nuggets, offering people a viable plant-based alternative. But how do you store them?

Can You Freeze Quorn?

Yes, you can freeze Quorn for up to 2 months. The best way to freeze Quorn is to cover it well and get it in the freezer as quickly as possible. You can freeze Quorn while it’s in the packet or after it has been cooked.

Does Quorn Freeze Well? Yes

Can You Refreeze Quorn? Yes

How to Freeze Quorn

Freezing Quorn is a simple process. That being said, there are so many products within the Quorn range, so you’ll need to double-check on the label whether it’s appropriate to freeze.

You will also notice that you can buy many Quorn dishes frozen, so you don’t need to worry about our instructions! Get it in the freezer as quickly as you can when you return from the supermarket.

Below we introduce you to the freezing process for three of Quorn’s most popular products. We’re also assuming that you’ve cooked your Quorn before you freeze it:

How to Freeze Quorn Mince

Let’s start with what has to be the most popular Quorn product: Mince. It’s super versatile, which is why it’s a great idea to have a few portions of it ready in the freezer: 

  1. Allow to Cool: Give your Quorn mince enough time to cool to room temperature. To speed up the process, transfer it from the pan and allow it to cool in a bowl on the countertop.
  2. Split into Portions: If you’ve got more than one portion of mince to freeze, it’s a good idea to split it into portions before freezing. This way, you only have to defrost what you need.
  3. Place in Freezer-Safe Bags: Place your Quorn mince in freezer-safe bags. Push out as much air as possible before sealing.
  4. Label and Freeze: Label your bags by writing the date you prepared your Quorn mince, as well as the use-by date. Remember, you can freeze Quorn for around two months.

How to Freeze Quorn Crispy Nuggets

With a crispy coating and delicious soft centres, Quorn nuggets are a real treat, but how do you go about freezing them?

  1. Allow to Cool: Place your tray of Quorn crispy nuggets on the countertop and allow to cool. This shouldn’t take long.
  2. Place in a Freezer-Safe Bag: Drop your Quorn crispy nuggets into a freezer-safe bag and seal. Again, be sure to squeeze as much air as possible from the bag.
  3. Label and Freeze: Label your bags by writing the date you prepared your Quorn crispy nuggets, as well as the use-by date. Remember, you can freeze Quorn for around two months.

How to Freeze Quorn Sausages

Another versatile Quorn product, sausages are a vital ingredient for a quick midweek meal, so how do you freeze Quorn sausages? 

  1. Allow to Cool: Regardless of how you’ve cooked them, you will need to allow your Quorn sausages to cool before placing them in the freezer. Leave them to one side for an hour or so.
  2. Place in a Freezer-Safe Bag: Once cooled, place your Quorn sausages in a freezer-safe bag and seal. Like mince and crispy nuggets, it’s a good idea to remove the additional air from the bag before sealing.
  3. Label and Freeze: Label your bags by writing the date you prepared your Quorn sausages, as well as the use-by date. Remember, you can freeze Quorn for around two months.
Quorn Sausages

3 Tips for Freezing Quorn

Now you know how to freeze it in three common forms, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing Quorn to have the best results:

Freeze Uncooked
Although we’ve focused on freezing Quorn after it has already been cooked, it’s perfectly fine to freeze Quorn as it comes. If you decide to do this, it’s best to get it in the freezer as quickly as you can. Allowing it to reach its use-by date before freezing will reduce its quality when you come to enjoy it later down the line.

Check the Labelling
If you’re not sure whether a particular Quorn dish can be frozen, be sure to check the label. Helpfully, all Quorn products carry storage and freezing instructions on their package, which makes your job nice and simple!

Buy It Prefrozen
When you’re shopping for your Quorn, be sure to check the frozen section of the supermarket. Many Quorn products, including the three we’ve introduced here, are sold in both the fresh and frozen sections. If you buy your Quorn already frozen, it will save you some time and ensure you can prepare it straight from frozen.

How Long Can You Freeze Quorn?

You can freeze Quorn for around two months.

Regardless of the Quorn dish, you will find it can be preserved in the freezer for at least two months, as long as it is well covered and protected from freezer burn.

How Long Does Quorn Last in the Fridge?

Quorn does not last for very long in the fridge. It will only keep for around 24 hours in the fridge. Instead, it should be frozen.

How Do You Defrost Quorn?

Many Quorn products can be safely cooked from frozen, meaning you don’t need to worry about defrosting them. This will be made clear on the label of the product, so be sure to check if it’s relevant.

You could always make a note on the freezer-safe bag if it’s okay to cook the item from frozen, as this will make life easier when it comes to enjoying it.

However, if you’re not sure, or if you’ve frozen a Quorn product that doesn’t need to be cooked, it’s best to defrost it in the fridge. Remove your Quorn from the freezer the day before you plan to use it, keep it covered, and place it on a shelf in your fridge.

The following day it will have thawed and be ready to be cooked or enjoyed as you desire.

Can You Refreeze Quorn?

It’s safe to refreeze Quorn if you have defrosted it in the fridge. Just be mindful that the more you freeze and defrost food, the quicker its flavour and texture deteriorates, and Quorn is no different.

If you don’t think you will use the full amount of frozen Quorn in one sitting, it’s a much better idea to freeze it in individual portions and only take out of the freezer what you need at any given time.

Does Quorn Freeze Well?

You will find that most Quorn products freeze extremely well. As we’ve mentioned, many Quorn dishes are sold already frozen, so you should have absolutely no issues when it comes to freezing Quorn.

Just be sure to check the label of your chosen product before adding it to the freezer, as not all Quorn dishes are suitable for freezing.

Related FAQs

If you’ve still got questions about freezing Quorn or Quorn in general, then these may help:

Can You Eat Quorn Cold?

There are many Quorn products which can be enjoyed cold. As always, check the label, as it will clearly state whether it should be warmed through before consuming. 

Can You Freeze Cooked Quorn?

Yes, cooked Quorn can be frozen. Most Quorn products, including sausages, burgers and nuggets, can be frozen once cooked.

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