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Can You Freeze Raw Carrots?

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By Ross Young

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Carrots are one of the most popular veggies out there, and they are regularly served up alongside tasty and delicious meats and drowned in gravy!

However you enjoy carrots, you might be wondering if it’s possible to buy them in bulk, slice them at the same time, and place them in the freezer, to save yourself time and effort when it comes to your evening meal prep? 

Raw carrots can be frozen for around 3 months. Peel and slice them (if you wish) and place them in a freezer-safe bag for several months.

Do Raw Carrots Freeze Well? Yes

Can You Refreeze Raw Carrots? Yes

How to Freeze Raw Carrots

Freezing raw carrots is nice and simple. If you don’t want to prepare them, you can add them to freezer-safe bags, seal them, and pop them straight in the freezer.

However, it’s a good idea to prepare them in advance, so you can save yourself some preparation time in the kitchen when you come to prepare your meals in the future. Here’s how to prepare and freeze raw carrots: 

  1. Rinse
    Run your carrots under the cold water tap and remove any dirt.  
  2. Peel
    Next, using either a peeler or a suitably sharp knife, peel the carrots and slice off the ends. Compost the skin if you can instead of throwing it into the bin. 
  3. Slice or Cut
    At this stage, decide how you want to prepare your carrots. You can either cut them into cubes, dice them, or slice them into batons. Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you how you chop your carrots, as they will freeze the same. 
  4. Place in Freezer-Safe Bags
    Add your raw carrots into freezer-safe bags. Then, push as much air as you can out of the bags, before sealing them closed. 
  5. Label and Freeze
    Write today’s date, as well as the use-by date of the carrots on the bags, and then place them in the freezer.

3 Tips for Freezing Raw Carrots

Now you know how to freeze them, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing raw carrots to have the best results:

Freeze them Whole
If you plan on using carrots in various ways, you don’t have to go to the trouble of peeling and slicing them before you freeze them. Instead, you can skip steps 1-3 listed above and place them directly in freezer-safe bags.

Doing so just increases the prep time when you come to remove them from the freezer. 

Cook them from Frozen
Carrots can be cooked directly from frozen, so you don’t need to spend time defrosting them. Whether you boil them, prepare them in a stir fry, or oven roast them, you can lift your carrots straight out of the freezer and cook them in whichever way you choose. 

Refrigerate them
While some people store carrots at room temperature, the best way to preserve them (aside from freezing) is to keep them in the coolest part of your fridge. This can help them last for up to a month without freezing them. 

How Long Can You Freeze Raw Carrots?

You can freeze raw carrots for around three months. That being said, lots of people freeze vegetables for much longer than this and don’t encounter any issues.

But using them within three months ensures they won’t lose their taste and texture when you come to prepare them, providing you keep them well protected from freezer burn.

You Can Freeze Raw Carrots for up to 3 Months

How Do You Defrost Raw Carrots?

Although you can cook raw carrots from frozen, defrosting them is easy enough. This is helpful to know if you want to grate your carrots for homemade coleslaw or enjoy them when dipping into creamy hummus.

To thaw raw carrots, remove them from the freezer and place them in the fridge for 6-8 hours. If you want to speed things up, rest the bag of carrots in room temperature water on the countertop, and serve them once they’ve softened. 

Can You Refreeze Raw Carrots?

If you end up taking out more raw carrots than you need from the freezer, you can refreeze them. Simply follow the steps we listed above and make sure they’re well wrapped.

You can even refreeze carrots when they’ve been cooked, but cooked carrots should only really be frozen for a month or so. 

Do Raw Carrots Freeze Well?

Raw carrots, like many other raw vegetables, freeze extremely well. Whether you choose to freeze them whole or rinse, peel, and slice them in advance, the result should be fresh-tasting, tender carrots all year round. 

Related FAQs

If you’ve still got questions about freezing raw carrots or carrots in general, then these may help:

What is the Best Way to Freeze Raw Carrots?

The best way to freeze fresh carrots comes down to personal preference and how you use carrots. If you tend to use them in rounds then freeze them as rounds. If you prefer to cook them as batons then freeze them as batons.

No matter how you cut raw carrots, they will freeze well.

What Happens If You Freeze Carrot Without Blanching?

Not a lot! Blanching will help carrots retain some colour and flavour but nothing bad will happen if you do not blanch them. They will still be safe to eat and remain tasty.

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