Can You Freeze Skirlie?

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By Ross Young

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Skirlie is a traditional Scottish dish made from oatmeal, fat, onions and then seasoned. To anyone outside of Scotland, this might seem like an odd mix of ingredients but it is truly delicious and apparently one of the perfect cures for a hangover!

Have you cooked up a batch and are unsure if you can eat it before it starts to go stale and spoil? If you are wondering, can you freeze skirlie then you have come to the right place:

The Quick Answer

Yes, you can freeze skirlie for around 6 months. There is no reason not to! It freezes fairly well, although you might find a slight change in texture once it has been thawed out. Aside from this, there is no reason this delicious dish has to go to waste.

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How To Freeze Skirlie

When it comes to freezing your batch of skirlie you will be glad to know it’s a super simple process and there is very little prep work involved. Just follow these guidelines and you should soon have frozen batches of skirlie ready to eat whenever you need:

  1. Cook It
    Cook up a big batch of your favourite recipe. Choose traditional seasonings or mix it up with some of your favourite flavours. Allow the skirlie to cool completely before getting it ready to freeze.
  2. Prepare Bags
    Prepare some freezer bags or containers by labelling them with the date and contents. You will need one container per portion of skirlie.
  3. Portion Out
    Divide up the skirlie into portions. This can either be single servings or family-sized portions. It all depends on how you plan to use the skirlie once it has been defrosted.
  4. Freeze
    Ladle the skirlie into the bags or containers. Seal the bags and then pop them into the freezer.

2 Tips for Freezing Skirlie

Now you know how to freeze it, we’ve got our 2 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing skirlie to have the best results:

  • Freeze Into Portions – Freeze skirlie into suitably sized portions so you can easily defrost one portion at a time. You’ll struggle to grab a portion from a large bag, otherwise. 
  • Defrost in the Microwave – If you’re pushed for time then you can defrost skirlie in the microwave. Use the defrost setting on short bursts until it is warmed through. 

How Long Can You Freeze Skirlie?

There isn’t a lot of information available on skirlie and how to store it. This is probably due to it being one of those recipes that are handed down through generations rather than written down!

However, you should be able to store your skirlie in the freezer for up to six months. Plenty of time to plan ahead and always have some available for quick and easy meals whenever you need.

You Can Freeze Skirlie for Around 6 Months

How Do You Defrost Skirlie?

You can defrost the skirlie fairly easily by taking it out of the freezer and popping it into the fridge the night before you plan to use it. Then by the next day, it will be defrosted and ready to use.

If you can’t plan ahead then you can speed up the process a little by popping it into a microwave-safe bowl and putting it into the microwave on a defrost setting. Give it a little stir every minute or two and microwave until it has fully thawed out.

If you are using this method then you should use the skirlie right away as the microwave will heat it up slightly as it defrosts.

Can You Refreeze Skirlie?

No, we wouldn’t recommend that you refreeze skirlie.

Even though the ingredients of this dish are fairly safe to use there is still a danger of it starting to grow bacteria during the process. Then refreezing and reheating could encourage this bacteria growth even further. It just isn‘t worth the risk.

Does Skirlie Freeze Well?

Skirlie is a dish that does freeze fairly well. There may be some deterioration in texture but giving it a stir should sort out much of this and by the time it has been reheated, you would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between fresh and frozen skirlie.

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