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Can You Freeze Tofurky?

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By Lewis Brindley

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Tofurky is a form of tofu that’s been specifically shaped and seasoned to taste as much like true turkey as possible. This is a wonderful way to make meat alternatives a little more appealing to meat eaters and vegetarians alike. But, if you’ve got a lot of Tofurky on hand, how do you store it?

Can You Freeze Tofurky?

Yes, you can freeze Tofurky for up to 12 months.  The best way to freeze Tofurky is to cool and dry it, put it into a freezer bag, seal, and label the package with the correct date and the bag’s contents before transferring it to the freezer.

Does Tofurky Freeze Well? Yes

Can You Refreeze Tofurky? Yes

How to Freeze Tofurky

The best way to freeze Tofurky is to ensure that it’s entirely cool and dry – if there is too much heat within the freezer bag, it will lead to condensation and moisture.

The same can be said for Tofurky in sauce, of course. Moisture in the freezer bag with Tofurky is a surefire way to lead to freezer burn, and it can even result in bacterial growth in some situations.

  1. Bag Up: Once the Tofurky is at a good temperature, place it within the freezer bag, whether in pieces or one large chunk. If in pieces, ensure that they are portioned into separate bags – keeping Tofurky pressed together will likely lead to those pieces remaining stuck together.
  2. Seal: Press as much air out of the freezer bag as possible, reducing the risk of freezer burn over time. Air condenses to water, which freezes to ice – this ice will increase the risk of freezer burn greatly, so it’s wise to avoid it.
  3. Label and Freeze: When the bag is sealed, write the correct date on the outside of the bag, and place it in the freezer. Once frozen, the Tofurky will store well for around twelve months.

3 Tips for Freezing Tofurky

Now you know how to freeze it, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing Tofurky to have the best results:

Remove Air from the Bag
When there’s any air in the bag with a protein source such as tofu, that air will rapidly condense and freeze into solid ice. This will lead to fresh freezer burn, leading to a massive drop in the overall quality of the protein you’re eating.

Consider Marinading
When freezing and thawing Tofurky, consider marinading the Tofurky itself when you’re thawing it. Tofurky typically thaws best in the fridge, which is the same environment in which you’d marinade any form of protein. For this reason, it’s often easy and tasty to kill two birds with one stone – marinade as you thaw!

Portion Slices
If your Tofurky is too large for you to eat in one meal conceivably, you could either portion it out into meal-specific blocks or portion out a set number of slices into different bags you’re dealing with. This will allow you to thaw the Tofurky portion-by-portion, allowing you to eat more easily.

How Long Can You Freeze Tofurky?

You can freeze Tofurky for around a year. This is a great length of time to freeze something for, as it gives you great opportunities to return to it.

After a year, the tofu will likely have succumbed to freezer burn, which will have massively affected the texture. Therefore, it may be best to throw it out and buy a new piece.

How Long Does Tofurky Last in the Fridge?

Tofurky will keep in the fridge for between 3 and 4 days in an airtight container. Although it is not meat, it can still be contaminated with similar bacteria.

How Do You Defrost Tofurky?

The best way to defrost Tofurky is to bring it to up to temperature in the fridge overnight.

This is the best way to do things because Tofurky suffers from the same problem that meat does – it cannot be kept at room temperature for long periods.

To be as food safe as possible, it’s best to allow the Tofurky to come to fridge temperature, which can be stored in an airtight container for up to three days.

Can You Refreeze Tofurky?

Yes, you can refreeze Tofurky. The reason for this is that when refreezing things, you’re generally concerned about how ice crystals will affect the structure of the food.

In this case, ice crystals will likely not affect Tofurky’s structure, allowing you to freeze, thaw, and refreeze however you like.

Does Tofurky Freeze Well?

Yes, Tofurky does freeze well – as with all tofu, it generally thaws with a slightly chewier texture than before it was frozen.

This is generally considered a good thing for the meat substitute, as it makes the food a little more like genuine meat.

If you’ve still got questions about freezing Tofurky or Tofurky in general, then these may help:

Can You Cook Tofurky From Frozen?

We recommend not cooking Tofurky from frozen. Instead, allow it to thaw fully in the fridge overnight, for around 24 hours before cooking.

Can You Freeze Tofurky Sausages?

Yes, Tofurky sausages can be frozen. Wrap each sausage in a piece of baking paper, cling film, and pop them into a freezer bag before freezing them. They can be frozen for around 6 to 8 months.

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