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Can You Freeze Trifle?

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By Ross Young

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Is there a dessert as iconic as the humble trifle? But what happens if you’ve somehow got a few spoonfuls leftover or you fancy making one ahead of time… Can you freeze trifle or should it be avoided at all costs?

No, you cannot freeze trifle with much success, unfortunately. Some of the ingredients just don’t freeze well at all so you can freeze some of the elements of a trifle but not the whole thing.

Does Trifle Freeze Well? No

Can You Refreeze Trifle? No

So, You Can’t Freeze Trifle?

Custard and cream tend to separate when frozen and there is little you can do about this. Jelly is also a substance that doesn’t freeze well.

So you can’t freeze most of the ingredients in a trifle! What you can do is freeze the prepared base to save yourself time in the future and then assemble the thawed base with the rest of the ingredients on the day you plan to eat the trifle.

How To Freeze Trifle Base

So if you’ve decided to freeze the trifle base so you’ve got one or two ready-to-go in the freezer then this is the method you’ll want to stick to:

  1. Prepare Base
    Prepare the soaked base using your preferred method or the method in the recipe.
  2. Place Into Container
    Find a flat container or use freezer bags but you need to be able to freeze your base flat. Place your base into the freezer container or onto a baking sheet with parchment
  3. Freeze
    Pop it into the freezer and freeze.

Ensure the frozen trifle base package is airtight so it doesn’t suffer from freezer burn.

2 Tips for Freezing Trifle

Now you know how to freeze it (sort of), we’ve got our 2 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing trifle to have the best results:

Don’t Bother
As you can only freeze the base, there really are no benefits to freezing trifle. We’d actually advise not bothering at all as you won’t save much time at all. 

Assemble Fresh
If you’re going to freeze it then only freeze the base and assemble the remaining ingredients fresh. It will be texturally awful if you attempt to freeze it all so avoid doing so. 

How Long Can You Freeze Trifle?

If trifle is safely stored in plastic containers with the lids sealed or carefully in airtight freezer bags, it can be frozen for roughly 2 months. Since it is not recommended to freeze trifle, it’s best to use the frozen trifle as soon as it’s needed.

You Can Freeze Trifle for Around 2 Months

How Do You Defrost Trifle?

Trifle is a cold dessert so defrosting in the fridge in advance for a few hours is the best method.

Once your base has defrosted then it should be pliable enough to transfer to the dish you plan to serve your trifle in. Add the base and the rest of your ingredients and then you have a trifle, delicious and ready to eat!

Can You Refreeze Trifle Base?

You’ll already have issues with freezing the base, refreezing it would be a nightmare. Like all sponge cakes, we would advise against refreezing the trifle base as you’ll dry it out and it will become brittle and unappetising. 

Does Trifle Freeze Well?

As previously stated, Trifle does not freeze well and is not recommended to be frozen for an extended amount of time. Most of the ingredients can’t be frozen at all and the parts you can freeze will need assembling with the fresh ingredients on the day of serving.

This isn’t a hassle-free dish to freeze and use from frozen. With most of it needing to be assembled fresh but having your base premade can save you a lot of time and hassle in the lead up to a party or event.

One thing to watch out for is if you soak your trifle base in liquor. Freezing can strengthen the taste of alcohol so be careful not to overdo it!

Related FAQs

If you’ve still got questions about freezing trifle or trifle in general, then these may help:

Can You Freeze Trifle Without Jelly?

The jelly element is just one part of a trifle that does not store well in the freezer. The custard and cream elements also struggle to freeze well. Instead, we’d opt for not freezing it whether or not it contains jelly. 

Can You Freeze Chocolate Trifle?

It doesn’t really matter what the trifle is made of, there is no point in freezing it as the custard and cream elements will not freeze well at all. Avoid freezing trifle!

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