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Can You Freeze Whiskey?

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By Ross Young

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Are you a scotch or bourbon fan? No matter your tipple, whiskey is a vital part of any home alcohol cabinet! And with so many blends and single malts to try, you will never get bored of mixing things up and trying new tastes. But what’s the best way to store it?

Can You Freeze Whiskey?

No, you cannot freeze whiskey. It won’t actually freeze due to its alcohol content. What’s more, storing whiskey in the freezer will dull its taste and cause it to become more viscous. In other words, it won’t taste as good. Therefore, we wouldn’t recommend freezing whiskey

Does Whiskey Freeze Well? No

Can You Refreeze Whiskey? No

Why Can’t You Freeze Whiskey?

The main reason why you shouldn’t freeze whiskey is that the freezing process increases its viscosity.

While this sounds overly technical, it basically means that it becomes gradually less tasty the longer you keep it in the freezer.

Also, as you will be aware, alcoholic beverages like whiskey don’t actually freeze solid due to the high alcohol content. Therefore, even if you wanted to, you couldn’t freeze whiskey in a home freezer.

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If you suggested to a malt whiskey producer that you were planning to put their product in the freezer when you get home, they probably wouldn’t sell it to you!

How to Store Whiskey?

The best way to store whiskey is to keep it in a cupboard at room temperature. You need to keep it away from direct sunlight and far away from extreme heat (such as a radiator).

This will keep your whiskey at the right temperature and ensure its taste and smell are precisely how it should be. You also shouldn’t store whiskey in the fridge for the same reasons that it doesn’t do well in the freezer.

Does Whiskey Freeze Well?

As you can see, whiskey doesn’t freeze well at all!

This is the case with many spirits, but given the exacting processes of whiskey distillation, those that work in whiskey production would lose sleep at the thought of you placing one of their bottles in the freezer.

Joking aside, your whiskey will taste dull and lose many of its flavours if you keep it in the freezer, so it’s best to store it in a kitchen cupboard at room temperature.

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