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Can You Freeze Wonton Wrappers?

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By Lewis Brindley

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Unsurprisingly, wonton wrappers are essential for making wontons… But they often come in large quantities that you won’t need to use in one hit. So, what can do with any leftover wonton wrappers you end up with?

Can You Freeze Wonton Wrappers?

Yes, you can freeze wonton wrappers for up to 3 months. Portion the wrappers into the numbers you’ll most likely need before wrapping those portions in cling film, placing those wrapped portions into a freezer bag, and freezing.

Do Wonton Wrappers Freeze Well? Sometimes

Can You Refreeze Wonton Wrappers? No

How to Freeze Wonton Wrappers

We’re going to assume that you’ve got an opened packet of wonton wrappers that you want to freeze. The method for doing so is super easy, fortunately:

  1. Portion: Portion out the wrappers that you’re working with into small portions suitable for the number of wontons that you’re likely to want to make in one go. For example, we might suggest freezing them in batches of six, as three wontons is a good portion for two people.
  2. Wrap: Next, wrap each batch in a small layer of cling film. This will ensure that they will stay at an appropriate level of moisture and that the moisture within the freezer doesn’t make the wonton wrappers themselves moister over time.
  3. Bag Up: Once the individual parcels of wonton wrappers are wrapped, place each of the packages into one large heavy-duty freezer bag.
  4. Seal: Once the small parcels are within the large bag, press out any excess air, and seal the bag. Don’t press down on the bag too firmly, as that will press the wonton wrappers out of shape.
  5. Freeze: Place the large freezer bag into your freezer, ideally toward the centre, and allow the wonton wrappers to freeze solid over several hours. Once frozen, the wonton wrappers can be kept in your freezer for up to three months.
Can You Freeze Wontons?

Yes, you can freeze wontons for 2 to 3 months. Once made, freeze them on a lined baking tray until solid. Once frozen solid, they can be stored in Tupperware containers or a good-quality freezer bag.

3 Tips for Freezing Wonton Wrappers

Now you know how to freeze them, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing wonton wrappers to have the best results:

Freeze Towards the Centre
Placing something relatively fragile like wonton wrappers in the centre of your freezer is a good idea as they’ll be subjected to less temperature change, and can be bumped around a little less, too. 

Freeze Individually Portioned
Making sure that the wonton wrappers are individually portioned will allow you to quickly thaw only the wrappers that you need for the cooking you’re presently doing. This will allow you to prevent refreezing, keeping other wonton wrappers from degrading more quickly. 

Freeze Them in Kits
You could freeze the wonton wrappers with a portion of the filling that you plan to use. This combination could allow you to quickly thaw a kit for a small meal, assemble it, and dig in. 

How Long Can You Freeze Wonton Wrappers?

You can freeze wonton wrappers for up to three months.

Beyond this point, while the wonton wrappers will still be safe to eat, they will likely lose some of their flavor and texture over time. To that end, three months is a sensible maximum.

How Long Do Wonton Wrappers Last in the Fridge?

Wonton wrappers will last in the fridge for between 7 and 10 days when kept in a reseable airtight bag. The bag must remained sealed at all times.

How Do You Defrost Wonton Wrappers?

The easiest way to defrost wonton wrappers is to be sure that you keep them in the fridge overnight.

This will allow them to come to a workable temperature quickly and easily, without having to deal with any element of fragility from the wrappers being too warm and moist.

Can You Refreeze Wonton Wrappers?

Yes, you can technically refreeze wonton wrappers.

However, if the wrappers have been thawed and extracted from their packaging, we would advise against it. The reason for this is that the wonton wrappers can be quite fragile, significantly when thawed in this way, so refreezing them can lead to a poor final wonton.

Do Wonton Wrappers Freeze Well?

In general, yes, wonton wrappers do freeze well! However, since they’re so thin, it’s worth bearing in mind that they can be fairly tricky to freeze, so being sure to be as gentle as possible with them is wise.

Therefore, we would recommend following our instructions, double wrapping the wonton wrappers, and being fairly gentle with them, even when they’re frozen.

If you’ve still got questions about freezing wonton wrappers or wontons in general, then these may help:

Can You Freeze Wonton Soup?

Yes, wonton soup can be frozen for several months in an airtight container. Before freezing it, ensure it has cooled entirely to room temperature. Wonton Soup

Can You Freeze Egg Roll Wrappers?

Yes, egg roll wrappers can be frozen for around 3 months. Beyond this, they will dry out, become brittle and lose their texture. They are not the best thing to freeze, unfortunately.

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