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Frequently Asked Questions

Frozen grapes can be a refreshing snack, but upon defrosting, they turn into soggy lumps. It's best to freeze grapes only if you plan to use them in cooking, as they won't retain their fresh texture when eaten raw after thawing.

Yes, keto meals can be frozen. It's best to fully cook and cool casseroles before freezing, either as a whole or in individual servings. Ensure they are tightly wrapped to prevent freezer burn. Thaw completely before reheating.

Some frozen dinner brands offer keto-friendly options, including Atkins. These products can be a convenient way to maintain adherence to the keto diet.

Frozen vegetables are indeed keto-friendly, provided they are low in carbs. They are a nutritious addition to the keto diet, whether raw or cooked.

Frozen chicken is keto-friendly. Pair it with non-starchy vegetables, avoiding sweet or starchy ones like carrots and beets. Choose full-fat, unsweetened yogurt if included in your meal plan.

Yes, low carb wraps can be frozen. For best results, thaw them for a day or two before you plan to use them.