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Can You Freeze Dominos Pizza?

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By Ross Young

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Even if you love cooking you can appreciate a good takeaway meal from time to time and Dominos pizza is a firm favourite for a takeaway treat. However, with so many great deals available it is too easy to order far too much.

Can You Freeze Dominos Pizza?

Yes, you can freeze Dominos pizza. It can be frozen for around 3 months. You can choose to freeze the pizza as a whole or in slices. Either way, it’s vital that you wrap it tightly in layers of cling film to protect it.

Does Dominos Pizza Freeze Well? Yes

Can You Refreeze Dominos Pizza? No

How To Freeze Dominos Pizza

Freezing pizza can be done, but it does need to be done carefully to ensure you get the best results. Your pizza probably won’t taste quite as good as it did when it was freshly cooked and delivered to your door, but it will still be tasty.

When it comes to freezing, you need some good quality cling film and some freezer bags or large airtight boxes.

You can either freeze your leftover pizza whole or in individual slices. This will depend on how you plan to eat pizza.

If you want to reheat a whole pizza as a meal, then choose this option, but if you are more likely to eat only a slice or two at a time, then it is worth taking the time to freeze leftover pizza in individual slices.

Make sure you have space in your freezer for the pizza. Your pizza will take up quite a bit of space as it needs to be frozen flat.

  1. Cool: Make sure the pizza has cooled completely before freezing. This might take several hours.
  2. Decide on Portions: Choose how you want to freeze the pizza, in slices or as a whole. If you want to freeze it in slices then cut the pizza up as we know that Dominos don’t always do the best job at cutting a pizza.
  3. Wrap: If you are freezing whole, then wrap the entire pizza in several clingfilm layers to protect it from the air. If you are freezing in individual slices, you need to wrap each slice in several cling film layers. You need to make sure each slice is airtight.
  4. Bag Up: Pop the slices into a freezer bag or put the whole pizza into a large box or container safe to put in the freezer. You may even have freezer bags that are large enough for the entire pizza.
  5. Freeze: Label the contents with the date and pop it into the freezer. Keep the pizza flat and upright while it is freezing or you might end up with a mess of crumpled pizza!

3 Tips for Freezing Dominos Pizza

Now you know how to freeze Dominos pizza, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing them to have the best results:

Opt for Slices
Slices of Dominos pizza will be far easier to freeze as you can stack them in a bag before placing them in a freezer. A whole pizza will need to be kept level.

Wrap Multiple Times
Air is your pizza’s greatest enemy so wrap it in multiple layers of clingfilm before storing it in a freezer bag.

Avoid Refreezing
Unfortunately, refrozen Dominos won’t taste anywhere near as good. You’ll also find the base of the pizza dry and cardboard-like after refreezing so avoid doing so.

How Long Can You Freeze Dominos Pizza?

You should be able to freeze Dominos pizza for around three months. After this, the taste and texture are likely to degrade and not be as delicious to eat.

This will apply to any cooked pizza, whether bought from Dominos, cooked at home or cooked from frozen yourself.

How Do You Defrost Dominos Pizza?

Defrosting pizza should be done slowly and carefully. The best way to do this is to pop the slices onto a plate and put it into the fridge to defrost slowly. You could also get away with defrosting it on the kitchen side if you want the pizza a little quicker.

To ensure that you defrost the pizza fully before reheating, it isn‘t recommended to reheat in the microwave. This might make the pizza soggy rather than crispy. So, reheat in the oven for a delicious pizza that is still crispy.

What is the Best Way to Reheat Frozen Dominos Pizza?

If you want to reheat frozen Dominos pizza then you will first need to thaw it in the fridge overnight, slowly. Do not rush this! Once thawed, reheat it in a hot oven for 10 to 15 minutes until it has crisped up.

Can You Refreeze Dominos Pizza?

We wouldn’t recommend that you refreeze Dominos pizza. It just won’t taste the same, and the more you freeze, the more chance there is for the food to degrade and spoil.

Does Dominos Pizza Freeze Well?

Cooked pizza does freeze fairly well, but you should expect it to not taste quite as good as it would have done if you ate it as soon as it was delivered.

Related FAQs

If you’ve still got questions about freezing Dominos pizza or Dominos in general, then these may help:

Can You Freeze Dominos Potato Wedges?

Wedges make a great addition to your meal, and in theory, wedges can be frozen. You do need to be careful because wedges that come from a takeaway or restaurant are likely to have already been frozen once and you do need to be careful when refreezing food.

Can You Freeze Dominos Garlic Bread?

Yes, you can freeze Dominos garlic bread in the same way you can freeze their pizza. This is because they use the exact same dough for both menu items!

Can You Freeze Dominos Cookies?

You can freeze Dominos cookies with ease. Spread them out on a baking tray and freeze them. Once solid, you can portion them out into freezer bags and keep them in the freezer for up to 6 months. Freeze Dominos Cookies

Can You Freeze Dominos Dip?

Yes, it’s possible to freeze the Dominos Herb and Garlic dip. However, it’s worth checking the best before date on the base as sometimes it will last for up to 6 months in the fridge.

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