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Who Makes AEG Fridge Freezers?

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By Elizabeth Masterman

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AEG seems like one of those brands that has just always been around; even those with little knowledge of the white goods market are likely to recognise the name. But if you are considering an AEG appliance, what do you need to know?

Who Makes AEG Fridge Freezers?

AEG (Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft) was founded in Germany in 1887. In 1994 the brand rights were acquired by Electrolux, who continue to produce white goods under the AEG brand name. The AEG brand is associated with innovation, with the design philosophy of perfection in form and function.

What is the History of AEG?

AEG has a long and illustrious history, having been instrumental in many developments within the electronics industry. Emil Rathenau, AEG’s founder, had the foresight to invest in the German license for the Edison patents.

In 1889 they held an exhibition in Berlin, showcasing the latest in electrical appliances, including curling tongs, irons and kettles. By 1896 their range had expanded to include over 80 different products, including hotplates, egg cookers and coffee machines.

In 1907 they employed Peter Behrens as a designer. He is considered by many to be the first industrial designer and the father of corporate identity, being responsible for all aspects of design within the firm, from the products themselves to the architecture of its buildings and the typeface used in its advertising.

Since its acquisition by Electrolux in 1994, although Electrolux claim to adhere to Behrens’ design philosophy and AEG’s tradition of innovation, appliances bearing the AEG brand name appear to differ from Electrolux’s other lines in only minor cosmetic and feature details.

Are AEG Fridge Freezers Good?

AEG offers a range of fridge freezers to match most requirements. Their range includes freestanding, integrated and American-style fridge freezers. Freestanding and integrated fridge freezers are available as 50/50 or 70/30 fridge-to-freezer ratios and are available in a range of heights and widths.

Freestanding fridge freezers are available in black, grey, silver, stainless steel and white, while the American-style fridge freezer is available in grey, stainless steel and white.

AEG offers 5 distinct ranges, each with its own main selling point. The 6000 TwinTech® No Frost promises to keep food up to 60% juicier because it runs on two separate cooling systems. By using one cooling system for the fridge and another one for the freezer, it aims to maintain optimum humidity to avoid foods drying out.

The 7000 UltraFresh+ has an extra chill drawer, designed to maintain a lower temperature than the rest of the fridge, ideal for meat, poultry, fish and cheese, while the 7000 GreenZone has a sealed drawer that maintains humidity at an ideal level for fruit and vegetables, avoiding excess condensation and protecting fresh food from spoiling.

The 9000 LongFresh 0° aims to combine both of these features, in its LongFresh compartments, which maintain a temperature of 0°C degrees, while also having their own humidity controls to avoid food drying out, offering the perfect environment for fish, meat or finer produce.

5000 ColdSense uses precise electronic sensors to rapidly stabilise the temperature helping to avoid temperature shocks and food waste. The 8000 Cooling 360o is designed to achieve 30% better temperature distribution on every shelf, using multiple air channels to deliver consistent cooling throughout the appliance.

What Other Features Can I Expect in an AEG Fridge Freezer?

Other features that are present in particular models across the range include LowFrost technology, which aims to use hidden cooling circuits to minimise frost build-up, making manual defrosting easier. The Flexi-shelf includes a section that slides back to allow storage of taller items.

The Electronic Dual Touch Control means that all electronic aspects can be controlled at the touch of a button to ensure precise finetuning to your needs. The smooth soft-close door helps avoid the risk of leaving the door ajar.

DynamicAir aims to achieve a stable temperature throughout the appliance by maintaining a constant airflow, while CustomFlex modular storage system offers a wide range of organisation options with a choice of shelf, drawer and bin configurations.

Other storage solutions include the ExtraZone drawer offers the convenience of a shallow drawer for smaller items, while the ExtraChill drawer offers a cooler area for items that perish more quickly, such as cheese.

Are AEG Fridge Freezers Environmentally Friendly?

AEG is aiming to make their operations climate neutral by 2030. 50% of their total energy consumption is now from renewable resources, and they have already achieved a 71% reduction in operational CO2 emissions. 

AEG take a keen interest in recycling, using over 400 metric tons of recycled plastics in 2020 alone. They are aiming to contribute to a circular economy and to this end they are committed to promoting recyclability, using more sustainable packaging solutions and increasing the availability of spare parts to repair their products.

Do you still have questions about the AEG appliance brand? Then check these FAQs out:

Are AEG Fridge Freezers Expensive to Repair?

Most spare parts are easy to obtain, and there is some overlap with other brands in the Electrolux family, so it is possible to source cheaper parts. However, some of the electronic parts can be really expensive to repair.

Where are AEG Fridge Freezers Made?

It is hard to track down where AEG fridge freezers are made now. They were made in Germany for years, but it is thought that by insisting on keeping manufacture in Germany, they priced themselves out of the market. Electrolux, who now owns the AEG brand name, are a Swedish company with factories in Sweden, Mexico, the U.S.A., Turkey, China, Ukraine, Poland, and Germany. It is thought that the brand’s fridge freezers are manufactured in Mexico.

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