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Who Makes Beko Fridge Freezers?

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By Elizabeth Masterman

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Beko are a well-known name in the UK, so chances are it’s a name you recognise. You may even have a Beko appliance in your home – 1 in 4 homes in the UK do! Here we look at what you need to know about Beko fridge freezers.

Who Makes Beko Fridge Freezers?

Beko Plc is the UK and Ireland division of Turkish firm Arçelik A.Ş, founded in 1955. Beko launched in the UK in 1990 selling fridges and have since become the UK’s number 1 best selling large home appliance brand. Beko are known for innovation and pride themselves on their commitment to sustainability.

Are Beko Fridge Freezers Good?

Beko is a popular brand in the UK, and you don’t get to be popular unless you’re doing something right! Beko has developed a reputation for quality and durability and their products consistently receive great reviews in terms of performance and reliability.

While Beko sits in the low- to mid-range in terms of pricing, the brand is known for its innovation, so you are getting cutting-edge technology at a reasonable price. 

What Types of Fridge Freezer Do Beko Make?

As a leading brand, they offer a wide range of fridge freezers so there’s usually something to suit your requirements and budget. They offer fridge freezers with the traditional fridge above and freezer below, but they also have models with the freezer compartment on top.

Beko fridge freezers come in a range of heights and widths, so there’s something to fit most spaces. They also produce fridge freezers in a wide range of colours, including white, black, silver, stainless steel, graphite and anthracite. Beko also produce a wide range of built-in and integrated appliances too.

In addition, they offer both two-door and three-door models. The three-door models offer MultiZone™ technology whereby you can decide how much of the unit you want to dedicate to fridge space and how much to freezer space. There are manual defrost and frost free options to suit different budgets and lifestyles.

Furthermore, Beko offer a range of American Style Fridge Freezers, which are available in both two-door side-by-side or multi-door options. These appliances also come with NeoFrost™ technology, allowing for faster cooling and keeping your fridge freezer frost free. These appliances operate on two separate cooling systems, which avoids the transfer of odours between fridge and freezer.

Beko also offer integrated water and ice dispensers, with either an easy-to-fill water tank or the option to have the unit plumbed in.

What New Technology Have Beko Introduced in Fridge Freezers?

Beko pride themselves on being at the cutting edge of innovation. In addition to the features mentioned above, one key feature of Beko fridge freezers is their use of lighting technology to keep food fresher for longer.

In the crisper drawer, their unique HarvestFresh™ system uses three-colour light technology to imitate the 24-hour sun cycle, while Active Fresh Blue Light™ Technology uses blue LED lights to promote photosynthesis, thereby helping to preserve the vitamins in fresh fruit and vegetables. In addition, EverFresh+® Technology means that special air channels help control air and humidity.

What Are the Benefits of a Beko Fridge Freezer?

In addition the innovations listed above, there are other benefits to choosing a Beko fridge freezer. Freezer Guard technology means that a Beko fridge freezer is guaranteed to work in temperatures as low as -15oC, making this brand an ideal choice if you want to store your appliance in a garage, conservatory or outbuilding.

They are generally easy to obtain as most high street shops and online vendors offer a range of appliances from this manufacturer. As a popular brand, technicians are usually familiar with the appliances, and it is also usually easy to source spare parts.

It’s also worth knowing that many Beko appliances are protected by a 12-month parts and labour guarantee, which covers repairs required as a result of faulty materials and component or manufacturing defects, as well as the 10 Year Beko Parts Guarantee. The 12-month guarantee is extended to two years if you register your appliance at time of purchase.

Are Beko Fridge Freezers Environmentally Friendly?

Beko are committed to reducing their impact on the environment. As part of their drive for innovation, they are developing appliances that reduce energy consumption and waste. Their production plants became carbon neutral in 2020 and they are continuing to invest in renewable energy and exploring ways to be more energy efficient.

They are also exploring ways to use recycled materials in their appliances. So far they have developed RecycledTub™ washing machines and dryers which have tubs made from recycled plastic bottles, and RecycledNet™ ovens which use upcycled fishing nets that have been transformed into thermally resistant oven parts.

Are Beko Fridge Freezers Safe?

You may recall that in 2011 some models of Beko fridge freezer were recalled after several fires were linked to a fault in these appliances. The issue was found to be a faulty defrost timer. Beko issued and urgent recall and fixed the defrost timer on all affected models.

Since then, Beko have worked hard to ensure all of their appliances are safe. All Beko refrigeration products are now made with either a metal flame retardant back or an aluminium foil covered flame retardant back.  It is worth noting that all Beko refrigeration products go above and beyond Uk and European safety requirements.

If you have further questions about Beko and where they come from then have a look at these FAQs

Who Founded Beko?

Beko was founded by two men, Leon Bejerano and Vehbi Koç. The name Beko is simply the first 2 letters of each of their surnames.

Where are Beko Fridge Freezers Made?

Beko Plc is part of Arçelik A.Ş, which has refrigerator plants in Turkey, Thailand, Romania, Russia, South Africa and Bangladesh.

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