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Who Makes Smeg Fridge Freezers?

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By Elizabeth Masterman

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Mention the Smeg brand and most people will instantly picture their iconic retro 1950s-style fridge. But if you’re considering buying a Smeg fridge freezer, you probably want to know more about this brand, and the features you can expect from their appliances.

Who Makes Smeg Fridge Freezers?

Smeg was founded in Italy in 1948 by Vittorio Bertazzoni and is family-run to this day. Although perhaps best known for their retro FAB fridges, this range wasn’t launched until 1997. However, available in a wide range of colours and eye-catching designs, this range quickly became a highly coveted status symbol, hence the substantial price tag.

Why Is the Company Called Smeg?

Originally an enamelling and metalworking company, Smeg proudly reflects this heritage in its name: Smalterie Metallurgiche Emilane Guastella was the name of the original factory in the village of Guastella in northern Italy.

Are Smeg Fridge Freezers Good?

Reviews online are varied, but the general consensus is you are paying for the appearance, not the functionality, and for the hefty price tag, you probably want better performance and greater longevity than this brand currently offers.

However, the major selling point for this brand is the aesthetics, so if this is your priority then there isn’t really a brand that compares.

What’s So Special About Smeg’s Fridge Freezers?

Smeg launched their FAB range of fridges in 1997. FAB stands for “frigorifero d’arredamento bombato” – literally rounded refrigerator – and this is clear from the deeply rounded corners that offer a contrast to the usual boxy appliances.

Originally available in the pastel colours of blue, green and cream associated with the 1950s, brighter colours soon followed, including Revolutionary Pink, Ferrari Red and Dutch Orange. The Union Jack design is also a perennial favourite.

Smeg is also well-known for its frequent design collaborations. In 2018 they worked with Disney to mark the 90th anniversary of the creation of Mickey Mouse, with a design featuring the mouse himself.

Similarly, in 2020 they worked with Peanuts to produce a design to commemorate 70 years of Snoopy, featuring Snoopy and his friend, Woodstock.

As you would expect from an Italian company that focuses on design, they frequently collaborate with Dolce and Gabbana.

In 2017 the two brands came together to commission 100 unique fridges, hand-painted by Italian artists, inspired by their Sicilian heritage. One of these hit the news in 2018 when it went on sale in Harrods for ÂŁ36,000!

What Types of Fridge Freezers Do Smeg Make?

The FAB range is available in a range of layouts to suit most needs. There is the original refrigerator with a small freezer compartment and a single door.

The other appliances in this range all have double doors, with one option offering the fridge below and the freezer above, while the others offer the fridge above and the freezer below, with each section in varying sizes.

Smeg also offer a small range of other options, such as a 4-door American-style fridge freezer, as well as a two door, two drawer design, with the fridge above and the freezer occupying the drawers below.  As you would expect from a company that’s all about aesthetics, their range of built-in units is very limited.

What Are the Key Features of a Smeg Fridge Freezer?

Smeg fridge freezers have all the features you would expect from a fridge freezer; there is little in the way of cutting-edge technology here. Features of note include the Natural Plus Blu Light system, which claims to increase the storage time of fruits and vegetables.

The Life Plus 0oC drawer offers a temperature-controlled zone designed to keep fish, cheese and meat fresher for longer, while the multi-flow cooling system ensures a consistent temperature throughout the rest of the unit.

Also of note are the LED lighting strips along both sides of the fridge, which are more energy efficient and allow illumination throughout the appliance. Smeg’s Active Ion system aims to avoid odour in the appliance by neutralising bacteria and other impurities.

Some models have an ice maker and/or water dispenser. The freezer compartment has a No Frost system, meaning that a manual defrost shouldn’t be required. Some models also offer a fast freezing function, which can be activated a few hours ahead of time, for example, ahead of a big shop, to encourage newly introduced items to reach optimum temperature more quickly.

Electronic temperature control and a perforated panel on the front of the fruit and vegetable drawer enable the user to adjust the ventilation and humidity in this drawer. Smeg also highlight the elegant chrome finishes on the balconies and glass shelves, in keeping with the retro design.

Do you have more questions about Smeg? Then check out these FAQs:

Where are Smeg Fridge Freezers Made?

Smeg’s fridge freezers are made at one of their four factories in Italy, while their smaller appliances, such as kettles and toasters, are made in China.

Are Smeg Appliances Expensive to Repair and Service?

Spare parts are easily available but can be expensive. However, repairs themselves can often be done relatively inexpensively as service information is freely available within the industry, allowing you to source a competitive quote, plus manuals and instructions are freely available online.

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