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Can You Freeze Date Squares?

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By Lewis Brindley

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Chewy, sticky dates come together with a crunchy topping for the perfect treat. But, they can be a little sickly. So if you can’t eat them all, what should you do with them?

Can You Freeze Date Squares?

Yes, you can freeze date squares for up to 3 months. Portion the squares up and pop them in an airtight container after they’ve been allowed to cool. Then, place them into the freezer.

Do Date Squares Freeze Well? Yes

Can You Refreeze Date Squares? No

How to Freeze Date Squares

Freezing date squares isn’t quite as simple as you might think – there are a few steps involved to make sure that you get it right:

  1. Cool: Placing warm food in your freezer is never a good idea. If you have baked the date squares yourself then allow them plenty of time to cool down to room temperature.
  2. Portion Out: Portioning the squares up is ideal, as date squares can suffer a little by being repeatedly refrozen. Consider how many you’ll want to defrost at a time and then portion them out into this number.
  3. Pop Into a Container: Find containers just the right size for the number of squares you’re looking to freeze. You want the containers to be rammed full so there’s little-to-no excess air.
  4. Wrap: If you’re not sure that the container you have used is airtight then wrap it in a sheet of cling film. This will seal up any potential gaps.
  5. Freeze: Finally, pop the container of date squares into the centre of your freezer where they will keep for around 3 months.

3 Tips for Freezing Date Squares

Now you know how to freeze them, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing date squares to have the best results:

Use Cling Film
Using cling film instead of airtight rigid plastic containers can work just as well. They should both work well to keep air out of and away from the squares. 

Carefully Consider Container Sizes
Date squares have a very sugar-heavy filling, and that sugar can begin to dissolve in a moist environment. If you make sure that the container is sized only slightly bigger than the date squares you’re keeping in it, the excess air (and, therefore, humidity) will be greatly reduced.  

They Can Still Stale
While it’s often slowed down by the process of freezing an item, it’s not totally stopped. Therefore, we recommend eating the date squares sooner rather than later, or the crunchy topping can be a little underwhelming.

How Long Can You Freeze Date Squares?

You can freeze date squares for around 3 months before they start to degrade at all.

3 months is generally considered to be the maximum length of time that you can keep food in your freezer. There are cases where food can be kept there for longer, but they’re quite rare.

Generally, after 3 months, food will still be safe to eat, but the quality of it may have decreased notably. In the case of date squares, you may see the pastry portions getting softer, rather than being firm and crunchy.

How Long Do Date Squares Last in the Fridge?

You can either keep date squares at room temperature for around 3 days or you can store them in the fridge for a week. Either way, they need to be popped into an airtight container.

How Do You Defrost Date Squares?

The best way to defrost date squares is the same as the best way to defrost most items – with your fridge.

Place the date squares in the fridge overnight, and they should totally thaw by the morning. Place the containers on towels to ensure that the condensation doesn’t create a small pool of water.

Can You Refreeze Date Squares?

Technically, yes, you can refreeze date squares.

They’re quite sturdy little bakes, meaning that they can be refrozen several times without degrading in quality much with each refreezing.

The only degradation you may notice is in the crumble topping. That may become stale and moistened over time, which would lessen the overall quality of the squares.

Do Date Squares Freeze Well?

Yes, date squares do freeze well.

The main reason for this is their intense density, which ensures that they can retain a level of quality well. Their lack of moisture is another reason for this, as there is little water that could expand as it freezes, damaging the squares.

If you’ve still got questions about freezing date squares or date squares in general, then these may help:

Can You Freeze Shop Bought Date Squares?

Yes, shop bought date squares can be frozen for around 3 months. In any case, they must be kept in an airtight container to prevent them from softening too much.


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