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Can You Freeze Eclairs?

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By Lewis Brindley

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It may sound underheard to many, but if you’ve made more eclairs than you can eat, is there a way to store them longer without ruining them?

Can You Freeze Eclairs?

Yes, you can freeze eclairs for up to 3 months. Lay them out on a tray to freeze solid before bagging them up and returning them to the freezer.

Do Eclairs Freeze Well? Sometimes

Can You Refreeze Eclairs? No

How to Freeze Eclairs

As something so fragile, you might think that freezing eclairs could only end in disaster. Fortunately, here’s a straightforward guide on how to store these delicious pastries in the freezer:

  1. Cool
    Start by letting your eclairs fully cool after baking. If you were to stick hot eclairs into the freezer, they’d instant become soggy.
  2. Arrange
    Place your cooled eclairs on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Keep them spaced out – no touching! If they touch then they’ll stick together (although that does mean you’d have to eat two at once…).
  3. Freeze
    Put the baking sheet into your freezer. Let those eclairs freeze until they’re solid. About 2-3 hours should do it.
  4. Wrap
    Once they’re frozen solid, individually wrap each eclair in plastic wrap. This step is key to preserving the freshness and preventing any freezer burn.
  5. Bag It
    Pop your wrapped eclairs into a freezer-safe bag or container. Remember, the goal is to keep them as airtight as possible.
  6. Label
    Last but not least, label your bag or container with the date. Eclairs are best used within a month, but they can technically last up to 3 months in the freezer.

Voila, there you have it! Enjoy them at your leisure, knowing that a delightful treat is always just a quick defrost away!

How Long Can You Freeze Eclairs?

When it comes to eclairs, you can technically freeze them for up to 3 months.

Like most foods, eclairs can be preserved longer in the freezer than at room temperature or in the fridge. This is because freezing slows down the deterioration process by preventing the growth of bacteria.

However, the delicate nature of eclairs – their cream filling, the pastry, the glaze or icing – means that quality can degrade over time, even in the freezer.

If you leave your eclairs in the freezer for longer than 3 months, they won’t suddenly become unsafe to eat, but there will be a noticeable decline in quality.

The pastry may become a bit soggy, or the filling might lose its creamy consistency. The flavour can also diminish over time, and let’s be honest, do you really want a bland, soggy eclair?

So, while your eclairs can survive the freezer for a solid 3 months, I’d recommend indulging in them within a month of freezing for the best balance of convenience and quality.

How Long Do Eclairs Last in the Fridge?

Eclairs typically last around 2-3 days in the fridge. After that, the quality degrades, and the pastry may become soggy.

How Do You Defrost Eclairs?

Thawing eclairs is a breeze! There are actually two approaches you can take when it comes to defrosting them. Here’s how:

In the Fridge

The best way to defrost eclairs is to let them thaw slowly in the fridge.

Simply take out the number of eclairs you want to defrost, remove any plastic wrap, and place them on a plate in the fridge. This process can take a few hours, but your patience will be rewarded with perfectly thawed eclairs.

At Room Temperature

If you’re in a hurry, you can also thaw your eclairs at room temperature. Just remember to keep them covered to protect them from any contaminants. With this method, expect your eclairs to thaw in about 1-2 hours.

Can You Defrost Eclairs in the Microwave?

Technically, yes, you can defrost eclairs in the microwave, but it’s not the best method. The rapid heating can easily make the pastry soggy and might cause the cream filling to melt or separate. For the best texture and taste, we recommend thawing eclairs slowly in the fridge or at room temperature.

Fix a Soggy Bottom

If your eclairs have a bit of a soggy bottom post-defrosting, pop them into a warm (not hot!) oven for a few minutes. This can help to crisp up the pastry and breathe life back into your eclair.

Can You Refreeze Eclairs?

Yes, technically you can refreeze eclairs, but it’s not recommended.

Each time you freeze, defrost, and then refreeze food, the texture and taste are impacted. Eclairs, delicate pastries with creamy fillings, are especially sensitive to these changes.

When you refreeze eclairs, you risk the pastry becoming soggy and the filling losing its creaminess.

The solution? Try to only defrost the number of eclairs you’ll need. If you happen to have leftovers, it’s best to eat them within a day or two, rather than refreezing.

Do Eclairs Freeze Well?

Yes, eclairs can freeze quite well, especially if you follow the proper steps for freezing.

The pastry maintains its structure, and the cream filling maintains its flavour when frozen. However, remember that the quality can start to decline after a month in the freezer, so it’s best to enjoy them within that time frame.


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