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Can You Freeze Eton Mess?


By Lewis Brindley

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Gooey meringue mixed with whipped cream and refreshing berries might sound simple but it’s one of the most delicious desserts. But what happens if you’ve got some leftovers? Or perhaps you want to make it ahead of a dinner party?

Can You Freeze Eton Mess?

Yes, you can freeze Eton mess for up to 4 months only. Prepare the Eton mess on your serving platter or bowl, and then seal an airtight container around it. Place it into the centre of the freezer as soon as possible, and it will freeze.

Does Eton Mess Freeze Well? Sometimes

Can You Refreeze Eton Mess? No

How to Freeze Eton Mess

Freezing Eton mess is a bit of a delicate operation. To ensure you do it well, and keep your dessert tasting great, follow our steps.

It’s worth bearing in mind that Eton mess doesn’t freeze that well, nor will it keep in the freezer for very long.

  1. Prepare: Make your Eton mess as you normally would. You could make it spread out on a platter or you can pile it high in a bowl. Just do it as you usually do.
  2. Seal: Seal the whole dessert in an airtight container. A great idea for this is to use one of those huge Tupperware containers that are made to fit a whole cake inside. Once in the container, seal it completely. You may even want to wrap it in cling film.
  3. Freeze: Finally, pop the dessert into the freezer where you’ll only want to keep it stored for a matter of days.

3 Tips for Freezing Eton Mess

Now you know how to freeze it, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing Eton mess to have the best results:

Ask: Is It Worth It?
Unfortunately, an Eton mess will not freeze well. It’ll freeze alright and it’ll be fine for enjoying yourself but it’s not something you’d want to serve on a special occasion. So, consider whether it’s actually worth it.

Freeze the Elements Individually
If you’ve got a bit of wiggle room before serving the Eton mess, then it would be wise to freeze the cream, meringue, and berries separately. Then, you can combine them immediately before serving to ensure that the meringue is as good as possible.

Use Pre-Frozen Berries
Pre-frozen berries are typically frozen in such a way that they retain their intense flavour. Berries frozen at home, though, can become quite watery and noticeably less pleasant to eat. Therefore, using pre-frozen berries is ideal to ensure you get the maximum flavour possible. 

How Long Can You Freeze Eton Mess?

You can freeze Eton mess for a maximum of 4 days. That’s right, 4 days!

This isn’t very long, of course, and the main reason for that is the presence of the cream in the dish.

While the cream is a liquid, or at least only partially frozen, it will start to spread into the tiny bubbles running through the meringue. This will damage the texture of the meringue, making it softer and less crunchy.

How Long Does Eton Mess Last in the Fridge?

Eton mess should only be kept in the fridge for around 2 days. The cream will soak into the meringue, ruining the texture. It’ll be fine to eat but will be pretty soggy.

How Do You Defrost Eton Mess?

The easiest way to defrost Eton mess is to place it at room temperature for around 45 minutes to an hour.

This will allow plenty of time for the cream, berries, and meringue to thaw without the liquid components soaking the meringue too intensely.

Can You Refreeze Eton Mess?

Technically, yes, you can refreeze Eton mess. However, we wouldn’t do this. Repeated freezing can lead to more and more moisture getting into food.

In the case of Eton mess, additional moisture usually translates to a less pleasant meringue – this is always worth avoiding!

Does Eton Mess Freeze Well?

Yes and no – this one’s a little tricky to answer!

On the one hand, Eton mess freezes very well, because the freezer halts the process of the cream soaking into the meringue. This prolongs the dish’s life for a little while.

On the other hand, Eton mess freezes quite poorly because the air around the dish can condense onto meringue in your freezer, leading to a softer, less enjoyable meringue.

If you’ve still got questions about freezing Eton mess or meringue in general, then these may help:

Can You Eat Eton Mess Frozen?

Yes, Eton mess can be served semi-frozen. You’ll want to give it time to soften a little at room temperature so that the berries are easier to eat. But, it can be eaten slightly frozen as a summery dessert.

Can You Make Eton Mess Ahead of Time?

Yes, Eton mess can be made before a party or get-together but will only keep well for a day or 2.


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