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Can You Freeze Fondant Potatoes?

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By Ross Young

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Fondant Potatoes are a delicious alternative to add to your Sunday roast dinners. Soft, delicious and creamy. They may seem complex but they are surprisingly easy to make too. 

You might be wondering can you prepare these potatoes ahead of time and store them? Can you freeze fondant potatoes?

Unfortunately, you cannot and should not freeze fondant potatoes. They don’t survive the process well. However, you can prepare them in advance and keep them in the fridge for up to three days.

Do Fondant Potatoes Freeze Well? No

Can You Refreeze Fondant Potatoes? No

How to Freeze Fondant Potatoes

Unfortunately, we wouldn’t recommend that you freeze fondant potatoes. However, we can help you to prepare and store them for up to three days. This gives you plenty of time to make them ahead of time for a special occasion or to eat any leftovers you have.

  1. Make and Cool
    Make your fondant potatoes as you normally would. When they are done, pop them onto a plate with some kitchen towel to drain and cool. Once the potatoes are cooled completely, then you can get them ready for the fridge.
  2. Layer into Tupperware
    When you put these potatoes in the fridge, you need to ensure they are protected from the air. This is what keeps them tasting fresh. So grab some Tupperware with tight-fitting lids and layer the potatoes into it.

    If you have many fondant potatoes, then layer them up in a large Tupperware container using sheets of parchment paper in between the layers.
  3. Cover in Clingfilm
    If you don’t have suitable Tupperware, then put the fondant potatoes onto a plate. Cover in cling film and put them in the fridge. The key thing is to keep them protected from the air to keep them tasting fresh and keep their texture creamy and delicious.

When you want to use up the fondant potatoes, pop them into the oven to reheat. This should only take about 20 to 30 minutes on at 180c.  Just make sure that the fondant potatoes are piping hot before serving.

3 Tips for Storing Fondant Potatoes

Now you know how to store them in the fridge, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when refrigerating fondant potatoes to have the best results:

Don’t Freeze Them
The best tip for freezing fondant potatoes is to not freeze them at all! Store them in the fridge for up to three days instead.

Reheat in the Oven
Reheat your fondant potatoes in the oven rather than in the microwave. This will end with a much crisper and more delicious fondant potato.

Keep Airtight
When storing in the fridge, you need to ensure the fondant potatoes are kept airtight. This stops them from drying out and losing their flavour by becoming contaminated with other flavours from inside the fridge.

How Long Can You Freeze Fondant Potatoes?

You shouldn’t freeze fondant potatoes, they tend to lose too much texture and quality in the freezer.

All is not lost though, if you have leftover fondant potatoes or you want to make your fondant potatoes ahead of time, then you can. Just use the method outlined in this article to store them in the fridge for up to three days.

You CANNOT Freeze Fondant Potatoes

Can You Refreeze Fondant Potatoes?

You shouldn’t be freezing your fondant potatoes at all, so no, refreezing them isn’t an option.

You would end up with ruined potatoes, and it isn’t worth it when you can cook store them in the fridge for a few days instead.

Do Fondant Potatoes Freeze Well?

No, fondant potatoes do not freeze well. These are delicious to eat, but they are also quite delicate, which isn’t great for freezing. You would find that the texture would change too much for them to be enjoyable.

You will have to cook and eat up all those tasty fondant potatoes instead!

Related FAQs

If you’ve still got questions about freezing fondant potatoes or potatoes in general, then these may help:

Can You Freeze Roast Potatoes?

If you want a potato dish, perfect for a Sunday roast that does freeze well, try freezing roast potatoes. You need to make them as you normally would before cooling then storing them in freezer bags. It’s effortless! 

Can You Freeze Roast Potatoes

Is Freezing Fondant Potatoes Dangerous?

Freezing them is not dangerous, per se, but it is a waste of time. The resulting fondants will be unpalatable and will have completely lost their texture. There really is no benefit to freezing fondant potatoes, unfortunately. 

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