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Can You Freeze Goose Fat?

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By Shannon Barratt

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Potatoes roasted in goose fat is the ultimate way to enjoy roast potatoes… But it’s also hugely unhealthy so not something you’ll do too often. So, what do you do with the leftover goose fat you’ve got sitting in the jar?

Can You Freeze Goose Fat?

Yes, you can freeze goose fat for up to 6 months. Simply portion the goose fat into an ice cube tray, freeze solid and then store in freezer bags.

Does Goose Fat Freeze Well? Yes

Can You Refreeze Goose Fat? Yes

How to Freeze Goose Fat

The process for freezing goose fat is very simple. The method outlined below is not solely for goose fat either. It can be used for any animal fats you may want to freeze:

  1. Spoon Into an Ice Cube Tray: Fill the slots of an ice cube tray up with your goose fat. Avoid filling it all the way to the top as this can make it challenging to move and can lead to spillages in the freezer if the goose fat expands slightly as it freezes.
  2. Wrap in Clingfilm: The last thing you want is goose fat dripping all over your freezer and its contents. This is why we advise wrapping the tray in a layer or two of clingfilm.
  3. Freeze Cubes: Carefully place the tray into the freezer, trying to keep it as flat as possible. You now need to wait a few hours for the cubes to freeze solid.
  4. Pop Cubes Into a Bag: Once solid, pop the cubes out of the tray and directly into a freezer bag. Seal the bag up, ensuring it is airtight. Try to remove as much air from the bag as possible as you seal it up.
  5. Label and Freeze: Write a clear label on the bag and then place it into the freezer until you next need a cube or two of goose fat.

3 Tips for Freezing Goose Fat

Now you know how to freeze it, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing goose fat to have the best results:

Use from Frozen
Because you’re probably going to be melting the goose fat to cook with, you can use it from frozen. Either thaw in a pan or toss it into a roasting tin in the oven to warm through.

Label Clearly
You’ll be surprised how tough it can be to tell goose fat, duck fat and coconut oil apart once it is frozen. This is why it is vital that you write clear, legible labels on each bag you use.

Use the Method for Other Fats
Whether it’s goose fat, duck fat, beef fat or lard; all can be frozen using the same ice cube method. However, if you have frozen different fats then make sure you label each clearly so you know which is which.

How Long Can You Freeze Goose Fat?

Although it is likely to remain safe to use beyond this time period, we would advise only freezing goose fat for up to 6 months to ensure it doesn’t degrade.

The last thing you want to do is rely on the goose fat you’ve got in your freezer for crispy, golden potatoes; only to discover that it’s gone off.

How Long Does Goose Fat Last in the Fridge?

Generally, when kept in a jar with a tight-fitting lid, goose fat will last for around 3 months in the fridge.

How Do You Defrost Goose Fat?

The good news continues as you don’t need to defrost the goose fat. Grab one cube of goose fat for every 250g of potatoes you’re roasting. Place the cube into a preheated, high-side roasting tin and return to the oven.

The fat will have melted almost instantly but you’ll want to get it super hot before you carefully tip your potatoes into the pan.

If you’re using the goose fat for any other recipe then you can either thaw it in a pan over a low heat or you can defrost it in the fridge overnight.

Can You Refreeze Goose Fat?

You can refreeze goose fat and it will be perfectly safe to refreeze. We wouldn’t advise refreezing goose fat that you have heated through.

The other thing to consider is that, chances are, you won’t need to refreeze it. If you follow our ice cube method, you’ll only ever grab a portion of fat at a time, reducing the need to ever refreeze it.

Does Goose Fat Freeze Well?

Goose fat freezes exceptionally well. It’s both easy to do and foolproof and is a great way to ensure you have a ready supply of goose fat at home whenever you need it.

Goose fat may split and become grainy when it freezes. The good news is that this is quickly rectified as soon as you apply heat to it. The reason for using goose fat is that it has an incredibly high smoking point so intense heat will melt it and fix any textural issues.

Related FAQs

If you’ve still got questions about freezing goose fat or goose fat in general, then these may help:

Can You Freeze Duck Fat?

Yes, duck fat can be frozen for around 6 months. The best way to freeze it is in an ice cube tray. You can then pop a cube of frozen fat out and into your potatoes.

Can Goose Fat Go Off?

Yes, it can go off. It will eventually smell a little rancid and not as it should. Generally, goose fat has a subtle odour.

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