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Can You Freeze Popcorn?

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By Ross Young

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What would a trip to the cinema be without a big bucket of popcorn? Whether you prefer them sweet, salted, a combination of the two, or plain, people the world over love it. But, is it possible to store popcorn in the freezer?

Can You Freeze Popcorn?

Yes, you can freeze popcorn for up to 3 months, however, it is not the best food item to freeze, unfortunately. You should avoid freezing unpopped popcorn kernels as freezing will impact how well they pop in future.

Does Popcorn Freeze Well? Sometimes

Can You Refreeze Popcorn? No

How to Freeze Popcorn

The film is over, and you still have some popcorn left. What do you do now? Well, keeping it in the freezer to prolong freshness for a later date is an option. So how do you do this?

Here are a few steps to successfully freeze your popcorn:

  1. Let them Cool: If you have just finished heating your popcorn, it is a good idea to let it cool down to room temperature before freezing them.
  2. Seal the Popcorn: By wrapping your popcorn in cling film; you are protecting the food against any potential contamination and air that might cause a deterioration in quality. 
  3. Place Popcorn in a Freezer Bag: Transfer the popcorn covered in cling film into the freezer bag for storage. This ensures an extra layer of security for your snack. Once inside, you can fasten the seal on the freezer bag.
  4. Date and Label: So that you don’t go over the suggested three-month period, attach a sticker with the date you will be putting the popcorn in the freezer to the outside of the freezer bag. Once this is done, you can place the freezer bag in the freezer.

3 Tips for Freezing Popcorn

Now you know how to freeze it, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing popcorn to have the best results:

Pop Kernels First
Before freezing your popcorn, you should pop the kernels first. This is simply because unpopped kernels do not freeze well due to losing a lot of the vital moisture that it needs during the heating and popping process. Popped kernels freeze relatively well in comparison. 

Don’t Leave Your Popcorn Out
There is more to popcorn than meets the eye. There is actually moisture inside the kernel, and, because of that moisture, heating popcorn in the microwave (or various other ways) causes inflation inside the kernel until it pops out as our tasty treat.

But external moisture, when popped, is undesired. Therefore, before or after freezing your popcorn, it would be unwise to leave your popcorn on the counter for too long for moisture in the air to jeopardise its quality. Store it in a sealed container instead. 

Shorten Freezing Time If Processed
If your popcorn is buttered, covered in caramel, or topped with anything else to enhance flavour, you should probably reduce the freezing time. These types of popcorn do not tend to freeze as well as plain popcorn. 

How Long Can You Freeze Popcorn?

Typically, popped popcorn can be frozen for up to three months. Any longer than three months and you are jeopardising the quality of your popcorn, so avoid running over the suggested freezing time.

Labelling your freezer-proof popcorn container with the date you placed it in the freezer is a good way of making sure you only freeze your popcorn within the recommended time frame.

How Do You Defrost Popcorn?

As popcorn does not quite freeze, it will not technically defrost. To reheat your popcorn, many people decide that using a microwave is a good method, but you should be cautious as popcorn heats very quickly and can burn.

Placing your popcorn on a lined baking tray and heating at around 120C might be a better option due to the slow build of heat in an oven. Doing this for around 5 minutes should suffice.

Can You Refreeze Popcorn?

While it is possible to refreeze your popcorn, it is not recommended because of the quality that will be lost by defrosting and freezing.

To save yourself from the temptation of refreezing, consider sorting your popcorn into smaller, more individual portions so that you will only need to defrost what you want in one sitting, rather than a large amount that might create waste.

Does Popcorn Freeze Well?

Popcorn might not actually freeze well, but the freezer will keep your popped popcorn fresh for longer. As long as you remember the correct storage conditions and reheating suggestions, your popcorn should be fresh and delicious.

If you’ve still got questions about freezing popcorn or popcorn in general, then these may help:

Can You Freeze Popcorn Kernels?

No, you should not freeze popcorn kernels. Doing so will impact how well they pop when you come to making popcorn. Unpopped kernels will keep for months in an airtight container in a kitchen cupboard, instead.Can You Freeze Popcorn Kernels

Can You Freeze Joe and Sephs Popcorn?

According to the FAQs on their website, Joe and Sephs popcorn is not suitable for freezing at home, unfortunately.

Can You Freeze Butterkist Popcorn?

Unfortunately, although Butterkist can be put in the freezer, you’ll ruin the texture. The buttery coating will not defrost nicely which is part of the reason you eat Butterkist in the first place!

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