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Who Makes Miele Fridge Freezers?

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By Elizabeth Masterman

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If you know anything about premium domestic appliances, then Miele is probably a brand you are familiar with. But with a hefty price tag, you probably want to know more about what you get for your money.

Who Makes Miele Fridge Freezers?

Founded in Germany in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann, Miele is one of the oldest appliance brands in the world and is still owned and run by the same families. Miele are the only brand that test all their products to the equivalent of 20 years use, meaning that their reliability and durability are unrivalled.

Are Miele Fridge Freezers Good?

Miele fridge freezers are at the expensive end of the market. However, given their reliability and durability, they are likely to last significantly longer than lower priced alternatives, and thus represent value for money when viewed in this light.

Miele’s motto is “Immer Besser” which translates to forever better, summing up their whole philosophy. They consistently strive to be better than their competitors and are constantly working to improve their products. 

What Types of Fridge Freezers do Miele make?

Miele make both freestanding and integrated fridge freezers in a range of widths and heights. They follow the traditional structure, with a larger fridge section above and the freezer section below. They also offer an option with French-style double doors on the fridge section.

Miele freestanding fridge freezers are available in stainless steel, white and black, with the black appliances available in BlackSteel or blackboard effect. There is the option to produce ice cubes as well, with IceMaker for a mains water connection or MyIce with an integrated water compartment. 

Miele fridge freezers that utilise the NoFrost system never need defrosting, while appliances with ComfortFrost will need occasional defrosting.

What New Technology Have Miele Introduced in Their Fridge Freezers?

As you would expect from a company that invests heavily in product development, Miele is at the cutting edge of the latest technology. Using the Miele@home system users can operate their appliances via their home WiFi router and the Miele cloud.

The system allows all Miele appliances within the home to be networked securely, allowing the ultimate in convenience. Appliances can then be operated using the app, voice control or as part of existing Smart Home technology.

What Are the Key Features of a Miele Fridge Freezer?

The DailyFresh system offers spacious drawers with adjustable vents to ensure the right humidity level to keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. Some models also include an ExtraCool drawer, designed for storing meat, fish and dairy products.

The DuplexCool system means that the fridge and freezer run on separate systems, ensuring an optimum temperature for both, as well as avoiding the transference of odours. The DynaCool system uses a fan to ensure even temperature distribution throughout the appliance.

Some models offer space for bulkier items, such as the XXL box which allows extra space for bulkier freezer items, or the XL interior cabinet for large fridge items. The Flexiboard glass shelf is another option for creating more room for tall items in the fridge.

LED lighting offers more consistent light throughout the fridge, is maintenance free, and is more energy efficient. Furthermore, the FlexiLight LED glass shelf can be positioned on any shelf level. Additionally, Miele ComfortClean door shelves are easier to keep looking good, being scratch-proof and dishwasher-safe. 

Some models have SoftClose doors, which close silently from an angle of 30o. Other models have Click2open doors, with an assisted opening action to counter the effects of the vacuum in the fridge section, enabling easier opening.

What Are the Downsides of a Miele Fridge Freezer?

One of the downsides of owning a Miele Fridge Freezer is that they are very expensive to repair. Spare parts themselves are very expensive, and as Miele make all their components themselves, it is very hard to source cheaper alternatives. 

Furthermore, Miele machines can only be serviced by a Miele service engineer. Miele will not provide technical information to trade or the public so there is little chance of a low-cost or DIY repair.

Of course, it must be remembered that the whole point of Miele is that their products are durable and reliable, so hopefully breakdowns will be few and far between. But if you do decide to invest in a Miele fridge freezer, do just bear in mind that any repairs are likely to be costly.

Are Miele Fridge Freezers Environmentally Friendly?

Miele appliances are designed with longevity in mind, being tested to the equivalent of 20 years’ use. Miele appliances rank in the top bands for energy efficiency and the company is working towards making all of their appliances carbon neutral.

Miele is carbon neutral in its manufacturing processes and aims to achieve net-zero waste for all materials used in manufacture. Miele invests 50% of its research and development budget in exploring sustainable and energy-efficient appliances.

Where are Miele Fridge Freezers Made?

Miele is one of the only companies that produces all the components for its appliances themselves. The majority of this manufacture takes place in their factories in Germany, though there are also production plants in the Czech Republic and Poland.

This is one of the reasons their prices are high; where other companies will shop around to get the best price on their components, Miele prefers to keep things in-house so they can be confident of the high quality they are renowned for.

Do you still have questions about Miele and where their products are made? Then check out these FAQs:

Are Miele Fridge Freezers Expensive?

Compared to some other brands, such as Beko, Miele fridge freezers are expensive. But you do get what you pay for.

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  1. It is regrettable that Miele fridge freezers do not have an A rating unless they cost £3,000. It is also unfortunate that the specification of the new fridge freezers makes it seem as if they are stainless steel when they may look like but not consist of stainless steel. Misleading. It is also unfortunate that Miele fridge freezers are not made in Germany but Miele holds out its products as if they are .


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